2020 Mercedes Benz A Class A220W 4dr Sdn

MSRP: 39150
Selling Price: 34,499
Months/Mileage: 36/12k Miles
Residual: 58%
Money Factor: 0.00192
Down Payment: 0$
Acquisition Fee: 1095$
Dealer Fee: 799$ (Waived)
Government Fee: 599$ (Tag: 450$ plus Registration: 149$)
Monthly Payment: 447$
Drive-off: 4000$(Includes First Payment plus Upfront Fees plus Upfront Taxes plus Acquisition Fees)
Note: Tax is levied upfront on the selling price (Registration for Texas State)

Suggest if it is good deal or not. Dealer is not going further down.

No, that’s not a good deal

Holy crap man that’s a bowl of turd…that’s e class money

See my deal from last week and ask yourself that again. It’s a 2019 but for a 2020, maybe 50-70 more

I am looking for 2020 model.

2019 and 2020 incentives only difference is 250$ total. Mine was around 17% discount total. You should be able to pull off atleast a 10-11%

Money factor looks suspect: Credit?

Acq: likely marked up — have to check though

Dealer Doc: in Texas are soft capped in most cases — $799 sounds like dealer adds, ask for a disclosure whether this waived or not.

Tags and license (gov fees): This shouldn’t not generally exceed ~$200 on an initial 2yr reg;
Ask for a breakdown of this.

In general: Do NOT take this deal.

Government Fee is $359.00 (Including Documentation Fee of $150 + Etc.)

Get an S60 or a 330i. You’re paying for a key/name

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Can we stop suggesting 330i to every bloke looking for a car?

When they stop providing value for your money, sure.

2 series have tax credits right now in TX which are comparable (better actually) than the A-class.

No. They lease well with higher than Travis Scott residuals, they actually have incentives unlike some manufacturers cough Audi cough, and include maintenance in a half decent, only semi plasticy environment.

True but not everyone likes the car. Althu yes it’s better value than A class fo sure. Althu my aclass deals beats it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OP - I think you have your answer. If the dealer is not budging, move on. However, if your heart is set on this one vehicle, then it’s up to you… good luck!