2020 MB GLC 43 AMG SUV - Please rate this deal

Hi friends,

First time posting here.

Please share your thoughts on this lease offer for a 2020 GLC 43 AMG.

MSRP - $73,095
Sale - $67,186.27
Disc - 8.09%
Terms - 7.5K m /42 month
RV - $31,816.55 (49%)
MF - 0.00070 (1.68%)
MSD - $9K
Fees - $1,921.94 = $895(acq. fee), $329.5 (lic. fee), $294.94 (NJ Lux Tax), 7.5 (NJ Tire Tax), $395 (vehicle prep)
Upfront Sales Tax - $2,364.33
Zip - 07030, NJ
Monthly Payments: $819 w. Tax

Does the $819 include any of the above capped? Or is it all DAS?

All DAS sir.

DAS is $14,105.27. Breakdown below.

$819 first month pmt., $895(acq. fee), $329.5 (lic. fee), $294.94 (NJ Lux Tax), 7.5 (NJ Tire Tax), $395 (vehicle prep), $2,364.33 upfront sales tax

If you don’t drive much you might as well run the 48m numbers

that residual :sob:

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So just to make sure I’m reading we are talking ~$5k due at signing then $819 a month?

Or effective ~$940? Or said another way ~$40k to drive a $73k car for 3.5 years?



Do you qualify for fleet thru your employer or professional association such as ABA, AMA etc?

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That’s correct I suppose.

This is meant as a legit question: would you lose $40k if you financed and then dumped prior to warranty elapsing?


Almost a Rack to drive a 73K Merc if i’m willing to pay that a 1K payment opens up a lot of options.

No sir, wouldn’t want that. Sale price being offered is still very high I suppose. Is that the only lever here or any other parameters to play around with?

I do not unfortunately. I think the dealer threw in a $500 employer discount.

Discount is the biggest lever.

But you need to ask Edmunds forums for 36 and 48m MF and RV

This is what I got from Edmunds for July. 7.5K / 36 months and 7.5K / 48 months respectively.

.00140 MF
54%/45% residual

$2000 incentive

So your discount is $2,000 smaller than indicated in the OP.

If you extend the term to save on payments but then bump into buying a whole registration and only using 6 months of it or bumping into an expensive service due to mileage / time, frequently the savings are much smaller than implied by the smaller payment. Just make sure you do all the gaming out of the implications. Keep in mind consumables also, like tires and brakes on the hot rods are a bit pricier than on the run of the mill stuff.

There’s a lot of homework to do to make sure your picking the correct term, and it’s not just the payment.

Good luck. In my take, that’s a lot of cheese for a 6 cylinder crossover, albeit a very fun one.


too much money for that car , look at X3 4.0 or X3M
better cars and cheaper

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Will do and report back on what I am able to accomplish.

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The converse is also true. When you’ve paid 4yr reg, why use a fraction of it? Use it all. When you’ve done the third annual maintenance, you’re good for another 364 days, why use just 180