2020 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring Lease (33k MSRP, 294/month, 36/15)

This forum has been a tremendous help and has provided me with a wealth of information.
Just looking for feedback on a prospective deal I am in the process of negotiating. I am currently at this point and wondering if there is room for improvement (calculator below)

Vehicle: Mazda CX-5 GT FWD (+Premium Package Option)
MSRP: 33,235
Selling Price: 29,774 (10.4% off)
Gross Cap Cost: 29,859
Cap cost reduction: 1,634
Adjusted cap cost: 28,225
MF: 0.00001
RV: 56% (36/15 lease)

Monthly: $294/month (includes 9.5% LA tax)

Fees DAS: Cap Cost reduction ($884), First months payment ($315), Registration ($421), Sales Tax ($140.55), Acquistion Fee ($595), Electronic Filing ($30), CA Tire Fee ($8.75)

Total of: $2395.47 - $1,100 rebate = $1,285 DAS

Edit: Friend does not want this vehicle anymore. PM if interested. I can notify the sales manager the deal is for you.

Heres a link to the calculator that contains most of the pertinent details

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This is a very strong discount for a CX-5. Good MFs for this model. You can ask them to get rid of the cap cost reduction.

$315 w/ $0 DAS is what I’d shoot for. Seems like there is more room in the deal given our current dealership climate. If you end up with first month payment + dealer fees DAS then you did a great job.

I’m not sure what you’re basing your comments on about dealership climates. Mazda rarely discounts their models 10% pre-incentives - and certainly not for their best selling model.

Your target of 0 DAS assumes the dealer wants to sell the car for 14% off pre-incentives. That’s not going to happen. He’s already at 288+ tax with drive offs and a small cap cost reduction.

Keep in mind this is also a 15k lease.

If you can pick up the car OP, I would sign the deal as is. If you really don’t want the cap cost reduction just ask them to remove it. The rent charge is next to nothing.

You make some good points however when is the last time you bough a car during a pandemic? The city I live in is sheltered in place and will be for the foreseeable future. Time is on the buyer’s side in this instance as there is 0 foot traffic on dealer lots and I’m seeing local dealers cutting prices by the day in quotes I’ve received. Had a dealer tell me a week before the pandemic “we’re only making $200 on this deal, can’t go any lower” then proceed to drop the price $500 the following weekend.

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I think it’s been discussed ad nauseam here that we don’t know for sure how leases will be affected. Will dealers move less cars in general? Probably. But keep in mind that the supply side is being affected as production has shut down for a lot of manufacturers.

I guess my point is that the OP in this thread is finding a discount that recent comparisons show is very aggressive. Can he take a risk and ask for more? Sure, but he might tank the deal getting greedy here. He’s already getting a better discount than we have seen in the past - and that’s the point you’re making.

I say take the win now and move forward.

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The discount you are getting on the CX5 is solid and is on the higher end of what is given for the CX5. The rebates you indicated look good as well.

For 36/15K mile lease, this is a nice deal and I would take it.

I think this is a great deal. My friend got one in the Touring trim a couple months back. $28k MSRP with $315/mo (9.5% tax included) and $0 driveoffs for 36/15 lease terms. And I thought that was a good deal too.

Thank you all for the feedback. I was satisfied with the payment and it is reassuring to see that many of you believe it is competitive.

I negotiated this for a good friend of mine. However, I don’t believe she will be going through with this deal.

If anybody is interested I can send you the details and ask the sales manager if he would be willing to give this deal to you. It is an LA County based dealership and the $1,100 in incentives include ($750 loyalty, $360 lease cash).


The one time where asking for dealer info is appropriate!

Mazda increased their loyalty incentive to $1,500 so there might be more wiggle room.

This is true. I inquired with the dealer.

It dropped the total price of the vehicle to $294/mo with the same amount as above DAS. Great deal. Unfortunately my friend still did not want the vehicle.

I believe the additional incentive expired 3/31

That does seem like a great deal. :drooling_face: MN right now is being tough to find a good price even with the craziness that’s going on right now. I’m in the process of looking for a lease for a GT and a Touring to replace the 2017s I have.

“the craziness that’s going on right now” is exactly why it’s tough to find a good deal. Plants are shut down or idling, including Mazda.

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Hey all,

I myself have been looking for a 2020 cx5 GT Premium lease and looks like a couple posters have wondered what the pandemic “climate” on leases looks like. Below was quoted as of 4/11/2020

Location: NJ

2020 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring w/ Premium Package
Terms: 36/10K
MSRP: $34280
Selling Price: $31659
Monthly: 343
DAS: $2000
Residual: 58%
MF: 0.00027

I haven’t signed, but would love to know what you all think. Thanks!

Hi, I’m interested in this deal! Is this still available? I’m actually live in north cal but I’m willing to drive down and sign. Please lmk!

Can I get this deal? Or if you can let me know which dealership is this? I am interested in leasing a cx-5 in these couple of days.

So I had to renegotiate this deal on behalf of my friend who did not want the deal in March.

2020 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring FWD
Lease: 36 months/15,000 miles

MSRP: 31,710
Selling Price: 28,700 (9.5% off)
Gross Cap Cost: 30,370
Cap cost reduction (rebates*): 2,549
Adjusted cap cost: 27,821.99
MF: 0.00027
RV: 55% (36/15 lease)

Monthly: $329/month (includes 9.5% LA tax) with zero drive off.
*Rebates include: ($750 loyalty, $750 lease to lease, $720 lease cash, $329 first months payment).

Leasehackr score: 9.1

Please let me know if everything looks good. Any room for improvement? Do fees appear marked up (~$1670 if i calculated correctly). @824

Is your MF marked up?

$1,670 inception fees rolled into lease look like they are in the ball park.

You hit the incentive mother lode.

I initially thought the MF seemed high (compared to the MF on other trims) but my research indicates that’s the base MF. Looks like the offer is very reasonable