2020 Lincoln Aviator

Saw the new Aviator is pretty well optioned as a base model at $51k. Any thoughts on the SUV and the potential to get a good deal in year 1? Does a Lincoln usually lease well?

Lincoln Aviator Configure

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Depends on your definition of deal. Don’t expect anything radical though

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I doubt it. I have my eyes on that suv but i know will have to wait.

Yeah - it looks nice and I like the standard twin turbo charged V6 on the base model with rear wheel drive. Hopefully some decent deals will pop up on loaners towards the end of the model year.

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Good tip. Thank you.

If it’s successful like the new navigator was I doubt much cash will be thrown at it. Might have cooled down a bit since launch but I recall some dealers asking full sticker and even some going over… and getting it… for the Navi. I predict similar for this.

I used to work for ford on the corporate side and still have a few connections. Friends are telling me employees are not allowed to select the Navigator as their company lease due to the popularity of them. That’s never happened before.

I’m not a fan of the aviators exterior looks BUT it is VERY impressive with the RWD architecture and the power train!

Ford doesn’t often incentivize leases very often anyway. Considering it’s a brand new vehicle in a hot segment, I’d say the chances are very slim.

doubtful you get deals as others have used the navigator as an example I think this aviator taps into potentially an even bigger market, very few people can afford an 75-100k full size suv but there are plenty of people who would splurge for a 50-60k suv it’s almost like comparing a 6000 sq ft house to a 3500 sq ft house ,both are extremely nice and you have to do well for yourself to even get the 3500 sq ft house but how many people do you know who have 6k sq ft houses? for comparison a 51k qx60 can be hand in the 4s without any incentives, a new aviator at 51k probably puts you in the $700 range, personally I would rather drive a 51k aviator than a 51k qx60 just because of the platform being so new but some cant afford the almost double payment, anyway you slice it new platforms typically dont lease very well for the first few years.

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These will be terrible to lease for a long time. Starting package isn’t bad, but the price sky rockets as you get to adding things. I’m curious what the cargo capacity is with seats up and down. Can’t find that anywhere

probably 70% of what the navigator has, it still seats 7 so thats a plus.

‘19 explorer has 21 sq feet behind the 3rd row. I don’t think they’ll have more

good point, but I think it might be longer than the explorer however that room probably gets allocated to the 2nd row and 3rd row legroom.

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‘19 explorer is still the older generation. ‘20 explorer will be on same platform as the new aviator.

I recall reading upcoming explorer is slightly more spacious than current/outgoing model

Not gonna lie, I’m tempted to buy the aviator. To be realistic, a lease won’t happen

yeah we have the navigator right now and honestly it’s just too big for city life to drive daily, its a pain to park even with the park assist, my mom loves the car just has stated multiple times its too large, she will probably end up in an aviator I bet, black label is definitely nice tho, having the ability to schedule a service and then have somebody come pick up your car and drop you a loaner is something mb/bmw/rr/cadillac etc etc. should all have as some sort of package, they come to the hospital lot and literally have the car serviced and done during her shift. You have to love what Lincoln is trying to do with their brand.

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Aviator is interesting with plug-in option, adaptive cruise control and lane centering tech. https://www.forbes.com/sites/samabuelsamid/2018/11/28/the-2020-lincoln-aviator-gets-a-450hp-plug-in-hybrid-and-points-to-fords-future/#6fd3ca2816a1
Ford Explorer is same vehicle body with different branding and styling, but no plug-in option.

Just saw it at the Houston Auto Show. I have no doubt that the Aviator is not going to lease well as it is a really nice SUV. This body styling and interior are fully refreshed and it is bigger than it used to be. Many of the smaller SUV’s on the market are really small and in the suburbs soccer mom’s need the extra space this SUV does provide. 2020 battle will be the Aviator v. GV 80 V. Q8 . On a side note $51k is basic $75K model is what people in the forum like. :rofl::sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

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what exactly do “people in the forum like?” Carplay/Android Auto and all that lane departure/crash avoidance crap?

Nicer interior colors, Panoramic roof and Technical crap as you mentioned. Also the RV is always going to be better on a well equipped vehicle.