2020 Lexus RX350 Good Deal?

Is this a good deal?

Dupage Country Illinois
MSRP: 56245
Selling Price (Before incentives): 52745
6.2% off MSRP

36 months
7.5k miles a year
Base MF (edmunds verified) .0001
Residual 57% (edmunds verified)

$0 MSD
$0 Money Down

$1000 loyalty
$1250 lease cash

Acquisition fee

Dealer fee


sales tax

Drive off: $1,229
Monthly payment pre tax: $543
Monthly payment incl tax: $580

Leasehackr score 8.4


Why do you think this would be a poor deal?

There are examples and data points for RX deals on the forums. Have you compared this to those?

I don’t know if its a good deal or poor deal. That’s why I’m asking the community. Not a lot of historical credible data for Lexus RX 350. ESP during COVID.

There’s plenty of data on RX models, including broker posts. It doesn’t all have to be from the past month if you’re comparing pre-incentive discounts.

OK thanks for your input

Keep in mind that we don’t have some Rolodex of what a good price is on a vehicle. All we can do is look back through the same data to make a judgement.

Broker Threads:

Member Posts:

There may be other posts, but that’s what I found after five minutes of using the Search function.

Good luck on your search.

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I would agree with StingerTT, this price is reasonable for 10k miles. I got my RX 350 about 3 years ago MSRP 61k at 640/month including taxes, 0$ driveoff and 10k miles/year. I didnt have any loyalty cash and lease cash. With that said at 7.5k miles and the market being so bad I would negotiate the sales price down to perhaps 51245 (8.9%) which is pretty reasonable for a Lexus

We’ve been seeing RX 350 F Sports (53k to 56k MSRPs) go between 9% to 13% depending on the region. I think OP can do far better.

I’m still getting around 8-9% off RX 350’s before incentives, but inventory is drying up. Every region is different.

Just talked to a dealer this morning and they stopped doing broker deals all together bc they feel demand is strong enough to warrant it.