2020 Lexus RX 350 Lease. Good deal?

Is this a good deal on a 2020 Lexus RX 350? I have attached information regarding price. Lease is 36 months, 15k miles per year, $3900 total DAS, $499/month with loyalty. Please let me know. They are offering to drive the vehicle to my house today if I sign papers today. Also say they are losing $2,000 in this deal.

Doesn’t look very good to me. It’s a $50,000 vehicle. $3900 I assume includes your 1st payment? It looks close to a $595/mo. deal. Unless the $3900 is in MSD’s, I would continue to look.

The $3900 includes first months payment. They are saying that they are losing $2,000 on this deal. What do you think I should be aiming for?

I am driving a 2017 RX 350 that stickered at $54500. I put down $4050 MSDs to lower the money factor (approximately $55-60/mo), and also used a show type coupon ($1000) to save another $29/mo.
36/12k $435/mo all taxes and fees in. Your 15k raises your payment another $15/20 per month. I was also told that they were losing a couple thousand on the car???
Without the MSDs and coupon, the payment would have been around $85-90 more, or $520/$525. Add another $15-20 for 15k = $540/$545. Again, my car stickered for $4000 more.
You can’t change the residual, but you can lower the money factor based on how high it is with MSD’s, which you get back at lease end.

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Losing -$2,000 is equivalent to going -$1,200 behind invoice. Try more.
And the residual is 54% on 36 month? Something doesn’t quite match.


@derekoh1991 @Rocknedog7255 They just came back to me and asked if I would send a deposit immediately if I do the same deal for $479/month with everything else staying the same. What do you think? Can I get to $465?

Big difference in the MF

They are now at $479 @fredyge94

I would shoot for $450 for sure. You are still paying basically $545/mo, albeit getting 15k in miles. $525 month on a $50500 vehicle wouldn’t make me sign. Just depends on how much you want the vehicle. You are in good position with incentives in March from auto shows, and this damn virus.

The MSRP is $55,000. Not $50,000

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Exactly. So what do you think?

Ask them what the MF and Residual for 27 and 36 months are. And do you know the breakdown of the $3249 rebate?

I see $1000 loyalty cash & $1750 lease cash on Lexus USA’s website

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Ditto. Agreed to the fullest extent

Lexus cars have a 7% markup between MSRP and Invoice. So invoice on that car should be $51150.

IF the MF is 0.00005, residual is $54% ($29700) and rebates are $3249 look at the lease below:

I have adjusted for White plains tax also. You should be able to get $450*
I agree with @Rocknedog7255


You put in 10,000 miles for the calculator. I am being quoted with 15,000 miles. I am coming up with $492.

My bad! but it doesn’t matter, I used the same residual percentage as the image from the dealer that you submitted (54% or 29700)

Here is the updated link:

Just double check on the MF, Residuals, & rebates.

Posted by a broker to compare your deal

Your calculation says I should be at $442. Do you think this is realistic? Will any dealership give me the vehicle at that price?