2020 Lexus RX 350 Lease. Good deal?

I live in westchester and worked in Greenwich Lexus in CT, right off the border from Rye and Mamaroneck and all. So we used to sell RX at about $2000 below MSRP regularly. I am not sure what they are going for as it is a refreshed model. But If they will do $2000 below Invoice, you should be at $442. But I am double checking on it with someone I worked with over there.

Do you have a Lexus right now? What other rebates did they use?

I do not currently have a Lexus, but my grandfather does and he would be cosigning the lease so I believe they gave me that rebate. Not sure what else they included.

I always get a chuckle when I see a Reynolds & Reynolds screenshot, hasn’t changed in 20 years


LOLL! So truee!

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Oh and I loved it, once you learned it, it was so fast to work a deal. I think I still remember all the short cuts, I liked having the gross on the bottom and the customer had no clue what the numbers were.

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So I just found out from my buddy that the MF is 0.00045 and 54% residual.

$2000 below invoice deal with $3249 rebate:

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Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. So it should be $470 not $479. I would say I am pretty darn close!

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He has given you a solid deal at the moment.

$6000 from the car and $3249 rebate. Total $9249 Discount.

Will possibly be looking for my own RX350 deal come August. 5 months out. Miles good. Tires not so sure? Like the vehicle although it hasn’t really changed that much. My problem is that the dealer will never be able to match or even come close to the deal I got in 2017 on the same priced vehicle.
All they can say is NO. If the deal is doable, they will call back. You just need to commit to a bottom line number and let them mull over it. Hope I have been of help.

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Ask for $425
Be real. This pandemic puts you in the negotiation driver’s seat.

Really? There is NO way they would do that!

That’s how i negotiate and they won’t walk away. Say it (or message it) with a straight face.

But going from $479 to $425 seems a bit dramatic, right? They originally started in the 600s and finally said the best was $499 and then I got them to $479.

You answered your own question. If they started at 600 what makes you think 479 is their minimum? They’ll take as much as you are willing to give them. Remember, you are the one with the money. They are the one needing your money. Negotiate knowing that.

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Going from the 600s to 479 is ridiculously dramatic. I think there’s more drama to be had :slight_smile:

She had said they would walk away under that price and that they were already losing $2,000.

No one is losing any money. That’s just car salesman talk. would you let your employee sell a product for less than what it costs? No.

So tell them I want it at $425?

Yes. After they ewe and awe, it will flush out their true bottom price. Kick it!

You think they will do it? I do not think so!