2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport S; MSRP 49K; $295/Mo + Tax; First Month + Fees DAS

Got the call today from the finance department and finally finalized my first hack… super super happy with my find and deal! The car is a loaner but i was able to get 23.3% off of MSRP which i gather is quite good for anything out of LR/RR.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: Land Rover Discovery Sport S
MSRP: $48878
Monthly Payment: $295 + Tax
Drive-Off Amount: $22xx (First Months Payment + Dealer Fees)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
Incentives: None :frowning:
Region: South

The car is getting shipped (south florida deals suck lol) so in the meantime here is a pic from the dealership!!

huge thanks to everyone on this forum. two weeks ago i didnt even know what MF meant, and now i have myself a new discovery sport for like 200 bucks a month less than what my dealer had originally quoted!


Congrats! Which dealership did you ship it from?

My gut is somewhere in Georgia

Good work!

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This guy just looted Land rover, but legally!

Great work man!


Congrats! Do you mind plugging numbers into the calculator? I am trying to get a deal in NYC, and wanted to see how you came to that monthly payment. Pretty sure I won’t be able to get them that far below MSRP, but who knows.


Dang, what a deal. Too bad for the veto. Is it worth checking them out for some sort of shipment to NYC?

hi all, sorry for the delay in answering… dealer ended up not sending paperwork this weekend so was actually able to lock in an even better deal lol since i got them to give me base MF (.00062). here is the calculator link for those who asked @Xeno . paperwork is finally en route!

Final Deal:
DAS: $22xx
Monthly Payment: $295 + Tax
Shipping: $300-400 (still finalizing details with third party; dealership WONT ship vehicles).

this dealership has crazy good deals on all LR leases. not to toot my own horn, but i havent seen many people get a disc sport for 295 pre tax? DAS is high becasue doc fees are ridiculous, but other than that this literally feels like a steal to me.

i am SO happy!


Really happy you got this! Came a long way from our DMs on 500p/m Lexus NXs! Congrats dude!

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Thanks. And congrats!

Thanks. I hit him up and am waiting to hear back. :+1:

Congratulations! Great deal.

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Great deal congrats!!!

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Would you mind letting me know who your sales rep was?

so, car arrived today and looks great… except there is a scratch in the front bumper. dealer did not mention anything and this was not written in the contract. i got wear and tear but not really acceptable.

how do you guys suggest going about this? shipping company has proof that car was not damaged in transit.

this is a loaner so not “new”

Was the dealer local? If not, maybe get them to pay for a body shop to repair the damage?

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I mean you probably don’t want to know my opinion lol


Wise cracking GenZ JLR salesman is your go to profile bio.


Ship the car back or tell them to pay your local dealer for a buff

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ugh this is very upsetting. ive emailed them asking to coordinate with someone local to fix this up for me.

i get that it’s a loaner but dealer transparency is so important and i’m annoyed they didn’t say anything. i really hope they can get this fixed.

GM then corporate.