2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport S Loaner


I reached out to a dealer for a 2020 Disco Sport Loaner for lease and here are the numbers I got.

I asked the dealer about LoJack - he mentioned it was something of an anti-theft and that it is a hardadd and he can’t remove it.
He also mentioned that if I don’t pick the car up, he will have to charge $250 for a notary to come and sign the papers.

Any thoughts?

Plan is to just pay 1st month + Dealer Fees + Ack Fee upfront. Then payment + taxes by the month.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Hold firm on not paying for LoJack. If he can’t remove it, that sucks for him.

Also, a notary should be way cheaper than $250. They’re free if you’re a AAA member.

Yeah. I thought the LoJack was a bit odd. We do have AAA so maybe I can mention that. But any more scope of discount on the price?

What is the ack fee?

That’s the lease acquisition fees.

Did you check MF and RV with Edmunds? Discount at 20% is really good, but I agree with @mllcb42 to get the LoJack taken off.

Yeah. The MF and Residual is same as listed on Edmunds.

Not much more except take off/discount LoJack.

Yup. Thank you. He pretty much came back and said he can’t uninstall the LoJack and he has to use their own notary that’s vetted by them. (Makes no sense).
I’m ok with the discount. Payment ends up being close to $342. I would have liked it to be less than $350 taxes included.

Yeah that doesn’t make sense.

Maybe ask for more discount to compensate for add-on?

“I can’t uninstall the Lo-Jack, and we are only able to sign out of state clients with our notary since they have been vetted by us. We have taken $10,018.00 off the msrp for this car being a demo and with matching your Money Factor of .00062 we don’t have any room to move or help you with more savings in the back end of your loan.”

That’s pretty much his response. I guess one last try. It makes no sense to pay for the LOJACK and their own notary. My dad works at a bank and he can get a notary for free.

My dealer says they put LoJacks on all their inventory. I asked him to remove it and he said they don’t remove it, LoJack just sends a kill signal which disables it. He said they don’t even know where to lojack is located on the vehicle since a third party installs it, and it’s self powered with a battery so you can’t trace power leads. They didn’t give me any hassle about not paying for it, and I think it’s likely they have an agreement with LoJack that they don’t pay for it if the customer declines it.

The dealer just won’t budge on the LoJack and the $250 notary fees.

Oh well. Tried it. Thank you all for your help.

Let’s not overlook the $717 dealer fee.
Personally, I’d be a hardass about the lojack because of that dealer fee. LoJack has an MSRP of $695 according to their website, so the dealer is packing another $210 on top of the profit they already make. I don’t know what dealer cost is, but you can be damned sure it is way less than $695. So let’s say it is $300 cost that you insist they eat. That still leaves them over $400 extra profit on that dealer fee.

True. He’s also adamant about using their notary, whereas I can just go to any local bank branch and get free notary. That’s another $250.

My final offer to them was sales price of $39000, no LoJack, no notary. Using the calculator here, payment was about $350 all in (with the first month + acq fees + dealer fees paid up front).

With the LoJack, the payment is $367 + tax.

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So - the dealer came back today and said he would take away the lojack and the notary and sent me this:

I tried to replicate the payment (MF is .00062) but was unable to.

In addition - I asked them for the payment if I pay the dealer fees and ack fees upfront and this is what he sent:

I calculated $342 + taxes. Still seems to be a bit of discrepancy in payments.
I have verified MF and Residual value with Edmunds.

Thank you again for your help.

Most loaners have some sort of mileage RV penalty that gets factored in. I don’t recall off hand what it is for Land Rover, but you should be able to search and find it.

I think it was factored in. The first post in this thread has that factored in. But I can replicate the $434 zero drive off payment, but can’t do it when I pay the fees upfront. Not sure what the dealer is doing here.

Your 1st post doesn’t mention anything about RV or adjusted RV. Also, the electronic filling fee isnt the DMV fees, it’s another charge by the dealer.

Both of your calculations don’t match the dealer’s worksheet.

Ah! Maybe that’s why there is a discrepancy. I wanted a simple straight forward deal, but it looks like they are still adding on fees to make $$$.