2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport S Loaner

“The $99 Electronic Filing Fee is for your Title. New way of filing it no more paper copies, government fee.”

That’s what the explanation was for the $99 fees.

That’s the fee to electronically file for your title, not the price of the title.

Gotcha. Thank you. I requested a full detailed breakdown. Thank you all for your help.

Nice job on this part! Definitely get some clarification about what is contributing to the MP difference.

Did you end up getting this lease offer?
Looking for the same model/lease.

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Same question. I assume the answer is yes they did.

@azulnyc and @Daddydore - Reach out to @HersheySweet. He can help you with a lease deal for Disco Sports.

Good Luck


Thanks! I’ll still do this if you shoot me a message.

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Thank you @ssedha :+1:t2:
Sent you an email @HersheySweet

Thank you @ssedha for looking out. He messaged me and we are in communication.