2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport - MSRP $39,849 - $219/mo. DAS $5k

Just got emailed this deal from Hornburg in Santa Monica - my current lease still has six months left so figured one of you might be interested!

$219/mo with $5k down or $299/mo with zero down.

Go to it hackers!


Wow… I’m shocked it doesn’t have a bunch of hidden crap.

“$4,999 Total Due at Signing Including 1st Payment, Tax, Title and License Fees, Security Deposit Waived.”

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Right? So used to them sneaking in all kinds of nonsense.

How does 5000 down = 299/mo? Something is off about this. Awesome deal if actually 299, I’m guessing that’s 399. Still not bad to get a LR badge.

I’ve beaten it even with shipping but for cali this is good.

Its not 299 - with $5k down it’s $219 - with zero down its $299

This does not compute.

$5000 down + $219/mo for 36 months is equivalent to $350/mo

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I feel like they meant to write it as “$4,999 total due at signing including 1st payment, tax, title and license fees. Security deposit waived”, which is much more like what a dealership would say.

The vast majority of time, these things say

“$4,999 total due at signing excluding 1st payment, tax, title and license fees. Security deposit waived”

Dug a little deeper on their site. Looks like this one might be a courtesy loaner if that makes a difference to anyone.

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I’m guessing it’s $299 with $0 CCR. Taxes and fees still apply.


This is correct. It’s an ad from hornburg 5k down is 5k total DAS, and zero down is zero CCR.

With ACQ, fees, and the CCR they’re using, it’s about low 1k-1.3k in CCR.

Hornburg’d as some call it.

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Let me know if anyone finds another deal like this one! Doesn’t seem like this is available anymore.

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Same, I’d jump on this in a sec

that link doesnt take me to the ad, where is the ad?

Since there is constant turnover, dealer websites are usually designed to redirect to a landing page when a specific stock number is sold.

how about a screenshot of the email?

Why do you want a skimpy optioned disco so bad?

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This is what the dealer sent me for this car:
$0 down
Drive off is usually around $2000/2500 (first payment, tax, title and acquisition fee)
36 months
7500 miles per year

Can anyone explain how they’re getting this monthly rate?

If they’re using the MSRP of $38,895 and if the MF is .00046 and RV at 58% (got these number from Edmunds), then the monthly lease should be $516. Are they using a lower MF?

I’m totally new at this…