2020 kia seltos & hyundai tucson


Hi Hackers.

I am very very new into the leasing world and I can defiantly feel the car salesman people more or less think they can take advantage of me. I don’t love that feeling anyway here is my question.

I am deciding between a Hyundai Tucson 2020. It is your standard base. They priced me at $23,558 with 3k down which includes my taxes and other fees. They want $279 a month for 36m and 12k m.

I really like the Kia Seltos 2021 base however the manager priced me at 5k + first payment which would include taxes and that sits at $23,365. Same millage and months as prior. I do not have 5k to put down and I believe that did that because I was adamant that I wanted to pay $200 a month.
Is that not ridiculous???

What do you think is a better car. I do favor the exterior of the Seltos more and it worries me that the Tucson is dropping a redesign for next year.
(I am also going in tomorrow to actually have a discussion with KIA.)
What are your suggestions!!! Any help would be great.

Jesus, 3k/das and 280/month 12k? 5k das @ 200/month?

Both of the cars you ‘priced’ are at MSRP, they didn’t discount it at all.

Don’t payment shop, shop on total price.

Think about it, 300/month * 36 with nothing at signing = 10,800 to lease over 3 years.
200/month * 36 with 5k at signing = 12,200 over 3 years.

You spend 1400 more but have a 100/month lower payment, this is because you’re still spending money, up front.

Have you spoken to any broker??

Read the WIKIS PLEASE!!! If you want hackr help, do your homework first. If you don’t want to do that, hire a broker. I’ll link some at the bottom.

My recommendation is to read the wikis on the forum. It sounds like you don’t currently know anything about leasing and that’s very dangerous.


You either need to do a lot of reading here, or reach out to a broker for help. Your time is worth money, and a good broker can save you time and money. I suggest reaching out to Ally (@NurseAl), she’s a local broker for Hyundai and can help you.


Thanks @CaptQ !

Glad to help. Although which vehicle you like is a personal decision (and I would never try to sell you on something), I would be happy to assist with a Hyundai, as those prices are terrible. If interested, I would have the manager reach out to you and you would deal with him directly, after we work out a price.

The Kona and Santa Fe are more recent, but not sure if the respective sizes are options for you.

We can also find you other rebates you may / will qualify for, as it makes quite a difference in your monthly price / bottom line.


Do not put money down, 3k 5k, that’s just crazy.

Thank you so much for the information, it was useful to me