2020 Jeep Wrangler (Diesel)


So i’ve been going back and forth with this dealership now in the seattle area and i’m really struggling if this is a good deal or not (and my friend is useless…but don’t tell him that)

Some talking points: They won’t come down at all on MSRP but they did drop the MF a couple of times

My Hangup: I’m trading in a 2015 Miata MX5 with 5800 miles on it. The kicker is that i have negative equity in it. Most other places i’ve talked to wont’ give me more than 15k for it, this place is willing to give me about 20. Leaving me with about 4k of negative equity. I feel like i need to take that into consideration right?

Full MSRP? Nope, don’t do it

They didn’t drop the MF. They marked it up less. They aren’t doing you any favors here.

Why does this say 60 month lease term?

that’s a good lookout, I didn’t notice that at all. My guess is because that negative equity over 60 months is lower than the 36 months. I was trying to keep the payments low if possible. Maybe it’d be better to just straight finance this.

I didn’t think they were doing me any favors but I figured there was at least 1 in giving me more for my trade in? Are you saying that’s not really as big of a factor as i should make it?

The 60 month term may be a typo. They’re showing a 60% residual, which is unlikely to be correct for a 60 month term. What does edmunds give you for mf/rv/incentives?

It’s hard to say with the trade without knowing what the vehicle is worth. Normally, I’d ask what carvana, shift, and vroom are offering for it, however, I know at least carvana is offering super low right now because of covid19.

Why do you want the diesel?

I have an offroad trailer i’d like to pull with my offroad vehicle. From what i read the diesel will get me better gas mileage and would handle better for towing in the situations and hills i put it through.

I asked, those aren’t typo’s. The more i look at this and the more from everyon’s feedback, i’m just thinking that even though they are giving me a better deal with the trade in, i bet i can find that elsewhere or close to it with some other incentives

60mo lease? Run away!!! ps. Jeep diesel is a great option, that’s what I would go for!

I would check tow ratings etc, this might not be the best vehicle for that(not sure what kind of weight you’re talking about), might need a 1/2 ton truck. A truck might lease better too or maybe a gas Gladiator, holy crap I just noticed 60mo lease, are you crazy? Go get a Tundra, bury your negative equity in that

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I really didn’t pay attention to the months. that’s my bad. I just ASSUMED 36 months. I totally just glossed over that. I’m gonna walk away. YOU ALL are the best

Jeep diesel has 3500 lb towing capacity and gets 30mpg on the highway, this is a sweet engine and perfectly mated to off-roading and towing. Do not, under any circumstances, sign a 60mo lease!

Towing at the max capacity is a terrible idea, 3500lbs means maybe 2500 max, nothing will get 30mpg towing either. Need to figure fuel savings vs cheaper gas alternative too. My :taco: is rated for 6800lbs I think, and there is no way I would tow that much.

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The trailer is about 2k wet. There’s a lot of features i like around the jeep and a lot i like about the taco. My gf would have me get a jeep though cause it’s more compact.

Wouldn’t the trade value be a consideration though? I ask because if one dealership gives me 20k for my car but no discount on MSRP and another gives me 3k off MSRP but 15k for the car. Am i not getting a better deal with the first?

Like I said, Jeep diesel would be perfect for towing an off-road trailer, most of which are 2000lbs or less. BTW, Jeep is doing 0% financing for 84 months now with no payments for 90 days. $45k financed at 0% would be around $530/mo, and you OWN the Jeep after 84 months. Not that I would finance for 84 months but something to put in perspective.

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that 0% for 84 doesn’t apply to wranglers.

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Who’s car is it? I bet with a :taco: you could be under $400/mo with the right term and bank. (36mo or 39mo Ally or US Bank), but allot will depend on what programs are next month. No rush regardless, everything is turning to :poop: and only getting worse.

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too bad. But I’d wait to see what April incentives bring, the car market is going to be really bad for April and May and could see deals get a lot more aggressive. Also look into selling your Miata to a third party to get best value.

Sure, one is better relative to the other, but that doesn’t mean any of them are good deals.

Truth :slight_smile: