2020 Jeep High Altitude Grand Cherokee

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Just leased the vehicle below. Was wondering how I did. 0 due at signing.

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude :
Monthly Payment: $505
Months: 39
Annual Mileage:10000
0 due at signing

What was the msrp?

You should have asked before you signed considering there is nothing you can do now. Enjoy the JGC

High Altitude at 54k MSRP, this looks like very good deal for that car. Not sure what rebates you qualify for.

Did not sign yet?

So which is it? Did not sign yet or “just leased… wondering how I did”?


I think it’s a good deal considering current inventory, however it’s getting re designed next year so if anything I’d say 24 month lease at the most

wondering how i did

Schrodinger’s Lease.


How you did on what… a signed contract or on a negotiation that isn’t signed yet?


Max, it is a negotiation not signed as yet; I got screwed in my last lease, so I am wondering if I am getting a good deal on this lease.

I turned in my 2018 honda accord to the dealer.

I’m glad to see you found something, I know you and I went back and fourth quite a bit, hard to say whether it’s good or bad without knowing the totality of the deal, what happened with your trade in, the MF/Residual, MSRP, etc, also how you are doing 0 DAS, not even the first month?

I moved the topic to the right sub.

Now edit your first post where you say you leased this car.

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I feel the deal is amazing IMO

Could be, it sounds decent off the top of my head, although I don’t frequently quote HA GC’s, but he did say he turned in his Honda there, so there could possibly be equity (I doubt it buy hey) they’re using that he might not know about, like I said, without knowing everything, its hard to say.

Man the High Altitude is a great suv. I am thinking of getting another one once this covid bs is over and I can start traveling again. Enjoy it and make sure you select the easy entry option. Love the car lowering and lifting itself.

Now for the deal, payment wise is great. However, I have a strong feeling you had good equity in the Honda. Was the Honda a lease or fully paid off? What was the trade in value? How much did you owe in the Honda? If you truly want to see how you did we need all this info. If not enjoy the car.

Man you seem to always be helpful. Kudos to you. We exchanged a few messages and sorry did not work out when i was trying to help someone but your willingness to even get a quote for Hyndai, which you did not broker, was appreciated. You respended promptly and always professional. Mods if there is a review section for @ssmith96 please move it there? Thank Yoi.

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Being that I was a member before a broker, I try to help out where I can even if its not a deal for me, but I think many brokers here do the same, part of what makes this a very helpful community.

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Hard to tell without full information but hard pass from me at first glance