2020 Jeep High Altitude Grand Cherokee

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Wasn’t there a local broker offering these for around $400 or so back a few months ago? I understand that was a few months ago and bears nothing now but this seems high has the program substantially changed since then? Have you looked at leasing it thru a different captive? Maybe better numbers?

This is a nice truck but it’s an old truck and is being completely redesigned this fall. I wouldn’t want to be paying a “premium” for this truck when in 9-10 months a complete brand new model will be out.

For me, personally, the numbers would have to scream at me for me to lease this truck for 39 months.

Sub 400 with everything upfront. Included came to about 470 or so. And for that you needed the GC loyalty. Old or new at 500, the high altitude is a good price.

I’m awaiting delivery of a 80th Anniversary …as far as the 2022, It’s going to be a stretched out 3 row on a Alfa Romeo frame …I’m thinking Durango-ish … so IMHO Never buy a 1st year re-design and if you like the current body style/size grab one now …
And this is coming from someone who has had 4 BMW X’s (3/4s) …but the whole Covid thing has me rethinking my needs …
Good Luck with tour HA

Just picked up a 21 High Altitude to replace an X5 myself, just couldn’t reach a good number with BMW.
We’ll see how it compares.

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Congrats on the pick-up …waiting on the delivery to my home Today …Hope I/We did the right thing !! LOL
BMW just lost its “luster” …

The equity was in the Honda.

Without us knowing how much equity was in your Honda it’s hard to say whether or not this was a good deal.

The 2018 Honda accord was a Lease or Owned??
If a Lease was it full term??

It doesn’t really matter. A leased Accord could still have equity in it and probably did.

Yes, it probably did (does??) considering it was a 1.5T Sport.

OP, if you have not signed anything yet, DON’T

Take a big step back and start out step by step, first by figuring out how much positive equity (= CASH$$$) is in your Accord.


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Based on a cabana quote there 4000 in positive equity

It doesn’t matter what carvana quoted you, it matters what the dealer gave you. This could easily be a horrible deal if they took a ton of equity and used it to lower your payment.

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It’s horrible either way.

If they are not showing the equity on paper, that’s just as bad.

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Doooood slow down and get all the numbers. If you have $4k+ in equity this is a horrible deal.

OP can you post the contract just take out name and any identifying information. High Altitude is in high demand and dealers are not easy in letting them go. Then we can provide a meaningful assessment.

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How is it a horrible deal? Do you know the market for that car in NY? Do you know all rebates he qualified for? Residual, MF? At zero drive offs he is at 490 with first month upfront. Without the 3k enhanced GC loyalty available this summer, at face value this seems on par for what the trucks go for.