2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude, good deal?

Hello everyone. Hoping for some good advice. I currently am leasing a 2017 Jeep Laredo E for 300 a month. I have 8 payments left. I’m looking to end early for a altitude. I have a offer at a dealer for a altitude for $399 a month with 2500 down. All taxes included in monthly. First payment + down payment DAS. They would give me $2400 to finish payments on current lease as well. Let me know what you all think. This was after going to multiple dealers, this was the best offer I got. Do I sign or not?

Nobody is giving you anything. It’s a sleight of hand or shuffling money around. You’re paying $2400 plus taxes plus finance charge, period.

Why are you attempting to end your lease early?

Don’t you think “399 a month with 2500 down” sounds incredibly made up?

You need to post a dealer lease quote or breakdown. You provided almost no info.

Sorry for the incorrect wording but you knew what I meant. I don’t have any other info as of now. I’ll be getting it on paper tomorrow. I want out of my current lease because I’d like something newer. They’re offering me 399 a month with 2500 down. The monthly payment includes everything.

You’re asking if you should sign a deal with a $533 discount?


What’s the point of you paying $2500 DAS, but then they give you a check for $2400?


I get your point. Didn’t know how else to word it. That’s what the salesman said to me.

So a good deal? I also am getting a first responders discount which is included in the deal.

No, a $533 discount isn’t a good deal


Is there anything I could do than? I thought the monthly was pretty good but now looking at the discount I see your point.

You could negotiate a better deal. There are some great threads on here on how to negotiate

I’m clearly not experienced with this. Can you be a little less vague please :grin: negotiating a better deal saying what? What should I expect as a payment? I thought this was a good deal because of them taking the rest of my lease payments

First thing you should do is read the leasing 101 sections on here. Then, read through the threads on negotiating.

Last thing you should be focused on is monthly payment. That’s the output of the equation when you get the rest of the details correct.

Start at Leasing 101 and search through the forums a little.

You didn’t answer any of the questions in my first post or provide what was requested.

We cannot just blindly help you with absolutely no relevant info provided.

[quote=“mllcb42, post:12, topic:241560”]
ast thing you should be focused on is monthly payment. That’s the output of the equation when you get the rest of the details correct.

It’s 36 not 42

Working on getting the info you all need. Sorry, should’ve waited to post.

No…it’s probably 42. Your four square sheet is pure gold. Please obtain a full lease breakdown so that we can be amused.


Yeah you’re right. Miss communication with salesman. I have a feeling you’re being sarcastic about that :expressionless: I’ll obtain it as soon as possible

Jeezus, I thought I had ugly handwriting. Was your salesperson a 5-year-old?


Bet the salesman is left handed.

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Does this help?