2020 Honda CRV EX-L lease deal review



Just got this quote from a dealership in NJ Zip 07033. Below is what was quoted. The fees are ridiculously high. I know that this can’t be right. Has anyone had experience with negotiating these fees down or getting them removed.
$288/month 36 months/12,000 Miles
MSRP $32,770
Dealer Price $29,323
Rebates - $750
Selling Price $28,573|
|Taxes and Fees
Doc Fee $699
Safe Secure $389
Online MV $10
Nitrogen $129
Appearance Package $695
Title Fee $60
Registration Fee $252
Lease Acquisition Fee $595
Sales Taxes (est.) $836|
|Due At Signing $3,953
Residualized Amount Financed $5,579
Total Price (Post-Tax/Fees) $9,244|

What is safe secure never heard of it.

You need to get rid of nitrogen and appearance pkg. (by getting discount)

Also can you provide money factor and residual?


Do some reading here on how to negotiate

Hint: it has nothing to do with arguing line by line over each fee

I was about to post on my own thread, not in NJ but not far, if you are willing to drive a bit you can get to this dealer. I negotiated on an LX and an EX although I think I would prefer an EXL. Have not made a decision yet, thoughts or suggestions? Please keep in mind inventory is low on everything and dealers are refusing to deal even when you show them numbers and how you got there

Here are my deals, they are based on the LX which is an advertised deal which I asked the dealer to explain and break out to me what each item represents. Then when I test drove the LX I realized I needed some of the things the EX has like BSD. I am a big fan of leather so would prefer the EXL but want to be under 300 and I do not think that can happen. I have $750 conquest or loyalty

LX deal which is better than the EX deal since it is based on 9.6% off v 8.2%


Anyone know how I can get to where I want to be with an EXL? I know there are a lot of fees, I can roll them in but for purposes of comparison this is what I need to do for it to make sense to me

Here is the deal I wish I could get!

I think that deal has $500 in college grad money but no conquest or loyalty

$109.80 + $288


For the ex-l? Way way to highhhhhhh

Hamilton Honda is a no nonsense dealership. See what they can do

The same dealeship gave me EXL numbers and they are not bad. It is a similar deal with a $2900 drive off and abut $300 per month (they had quoted me $320 if I only paid $2200 at drive off but I am not 100% sure on the whole thing because I am thinking of not getting a CRV now so not too focused on the deal but thought I would include it for information purposes. I could be totally mistaken and they are quoting me $2900 and $320 but the numbers do not make sense that way. As I said probably going with another brand so not really interested but maybe it will help someone else. I think these numbers are good for anywhere in the metro NY area although taxes and DMV will vary slightly. This deal has $750 conquest

I can’t seem to start a new thread so apologies for tacking on to this one! I’m also in NJ, also looking for 2020 CR-V EXL AWD. Looking for 36/10. I got a quote from the dealer where I test drove the car (zip 07940), and I legit cannot figure it out on the calculator… which I fully acknowledge is surely caused by user error!

Here’s the details, this was their initial offer to me which I have not yet negotiated (but plan to). Would love thoughts, as this is my first time leasing a car or actually ever having a new car at all.
MSRP: $32,770
Sales price: $31,214.97 (4.7% off MSRP)
Down payment: $0
MF: 0.00119
RV: $20,645 / 63%
Dealer fees: $798
DMV fees: $347.70
Acquisition fee: $595
Tax: $1,051.64
Monthly payment: $329

When I enter this all into the calculator it suggests a monthly payment of $355. The sales tax also comes out lower though I assume that might be due to NJ taxing leases differently than some other states?

FWIW we are of course calling around to other dealers, one gave me a full quote that was similar everywhere except the monthly payment, which was $350. Another quoted me $460/month which seems bonkers for a CRV.

Thanks, appreciate this forum – it’s been great and a wonderful source of info.

Post a link to your LH calculator

You are missing $900 in a downpayment or an incentive from Honda that is why your numbers are not lining up. What is your local tax rate? If it is 6.625% the reason your numbers are not lining up is that the incentives are usually taxed and you pay the taxes. The dealer fees seem really high and the discount seems low. However I am from NY and we do not have those fees, I think in NJ they do charge dealer fees but I thought they were usually about $400 but you would have to confirm that with someone that usually buys in NJ. I was offered 8% off MSRP in August plus $500 conquest out of state, with a similar residual, not sure about the MF, but bought another brand

Actually the deal I was offered in August is posted in this thread and apparently it was a $750 in conquest not $500

@Saphire thank you – I agree, dealer fees seem high. It’s definitely $0 down, though I am baffled why they wouldn’t mention a $900 incentive. To be honest I’ve found this dealer to be a little confusing in his interactions with me, leading me to lean heavily into leasing elsewhere. In my search this evening I got a quote for $0 down, lower fees, and 12.7% off MSRP. So I’m leaning into that one a bit more. Thanks again.

Which dealership is this from if you don’t mind me asking?

Here’s my updated calculator after shopping around a lot more. I haven’t been able to get any other dealer to match this. Would appreciate any thoughts, this is my first time leasing anything ever!

2020 CR-V EX-L AWD
MSRP: $32,670
Sales price: $28,529 (12.7% off MSRP)
Down payment: $0
MF: 0.00119
RV: $20,582 / 63%
Dealer fees: $705
DMV fees: $404
Acquisition fee: $595
Tax: $753
Monthly payment: $296
DAS: 1st month, dealer fees, DMV fees, tax
Location: central NJ

Hi Frocky

Your lease calculator didn’t work in the 500 incentive (I think it is conquest/loyalty which is easy to qualify for) – or did you just use it to reduce the sales price?

@hellomissy The first calc or the second one? I don’t qualify for any incentives, this lease is replacing a totaled car so I don’t have a current car at all…

Hi Frocky, I was just looking at your last posted calculator:

But even if you totaled your car, you still have/had a Honda or perhaps a car of one of their competitors so I don’t see why you would not qualify for either the loyalty or the conquest incentive. Did you ask them?

Anyway, if you are really getting 12.7% off of MSRP, that is not bad for this time. I am looking for an Accord and want to post my deal which is 11% off MSRP and if I could get it to 12% I think I would be satisfied.

I hope you can get the loyalty or conquest incentive. What kind of car was totaled?

@hellomissy ahhhh I didn’t realize that’s how the conquest might work. The totaled car was a VW. I will ask!
And agree, the % off MSRP seems really enticing to me. I’m satisfied with this deal overall but you know how it is, you always wonder if it could be BETTER! :laughing:

Typically all you need to show is a registration and/or insurance card.

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