2020 Honda Civic Si Base Coupe lease check

I don’t have the price sheet yet, but here’s an offer via email:

2020 Honda Civic Si Base 2dr Coupe


$229 lease monthly
$2099 down

Thoughts? Thanks!

An effective $287/mo for a base Civic (plus tax and fees)?


What does Edmunds say the residual/MF/incentives are?

It’s a Civic SI, so this deal is actually not too bad.

For some reason I can’t login to the edmunds forum, but it looks like 61% residual on the Civic Si.

For what term?

You are obviously a different market, but here is Rodo in NJ. (If the dealer honors it)


I managed to lease a 2020 Si Sedan for $289 a month with $1k down

Hope the salesperson bought you dinner.


Not a good deal? It’s a done deal but just wondering what other people think of it, it’s my first lease

Did you even read the posts above yours?


Couldn’t imagine living with always an attitude or being sarcastic. It was a simple question and you have no idea what state I’m in, jackass.

MF = .00041
Residual = 63% @ 12k miles
$500 Closing Cash

Not sure of your tax rate but it is a solid deal. You can sign for it or scrounge around for another $3-$5 off or a few oil changes.

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Nope, and since you failed at providing the proper information, I gave you a reply befitting it. GIGO.

okay… bob.

Im currently working a deal between 2 dealers. Im working on a 36/15K on a blue SI for $270/m $588 due at signing. Both agreed to the deal, just waiting to see which one gets it as they both have 1 due in according to them.

$194? I would take that.

That’s the best deal I’ve seen with DAS $1906 & $194/m…

If you haven’t signed yet do yourself a favor and get with Jeff with Beach Cities Auto Brokers. He is legit, and can either beat it or confirm it is a good deal. Willing to bet he can beat it. @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto


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