2020 GLE deal - good or bad?

Hi All,
I just got a TX offer for the 2020 GLE 350 at $73,300 adjusted Sales price (3rd row seating, AMG Line exterior)
0.00163 MF
36 month / 7k5 miles
RV 59%
$1332/mo (incl tax of $4582).
$2000 down payment

Is this a good deal??


Not even remotely. Run far far away.


Thank you! What would be a reasonable monthly fee for this?

You pay $49,952 In 3 years.
Thats a day light robbery.


You’re at least $500 a month high


So bad that you should hire a broker, or find one of the many MBenz dealers on the board that can help you.

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Holy s**t I thought this was a joke when I saw that payment. Run!

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Use a broker for goodness sake.

Sure…where do you find one? I’m new to this. Thanks

Check the market place:


I don’t know any brokers in Texas that deal with Mbenz, but maybe you should talk to @Calvin.MB

To give a bit more context, look at this other thread on a 2020 GLE. $62k MSRP $575 a month

Ok, I got another TX offer for the 2020 GLE 350 at

$67,000 adjusted Sales price (AMG Line exterior/3rd row seat)
36 month / 10k miles
RV 59%
MF 0.00251
$1080/mo (incl tax of $4373 and other fees approx $350).
$4000 down payment.

Better deal??

No, $1200 a month for a gle is not a good deal.

You need to do a lot of research before you talk to this dealer or any other again and get a much better idea of where you should be at price wise on these.

Jesus. Still absolutely horrible.

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My jaw dropped when I saw that quote. That’s s450 money.