2020 GLC300 RWD Signed. Good Deal?

Scored this deal though I succumbed to some pressure and didnt get the chance to follow the entire leasehackr neotiating strategy.

MSRP: $50,410
Selling Price: $42,500
Adjusted Cap Cost: $43,092.66
Residual: $28,733.70
DAS: $2000
Monthly Payment: $510
Lease Terms: 36 Mo / 12k

The dealer never told me the MF but it does seem to be high based on the above.

Did ok?

Did your selling price include amy incentives?

Then why did you sign the deal?

Sorry he didnt tell me before the fact but mentioned after that it was .00160… Please give me feedback on the deal.

You never said whether your price included incentives. Did you search the forum to see what others have been able to negotiate on the same car? Did you confirm the MF and RV numbers on the Edmunds forum?

The deal has already been signed so my feedback won’t matter. Enjoy the car.

Tax rate??

Tax Rate was 1.5%, standard for texas is 6.25 but they gave me a 4.75 credit.

Yes, but I’m asking for feedback after the deal was signed. Just to validate. So would appreciate any feedback. I promise I wont take it to heart :wink:

What’s the point in asking.
You already signed. Enjoy the ride.

Whats the harm in giving your feedback? I’m fairly new to this and want to learn more to get ready for the next deal. Thats all!

Aside from confirming the advertised MF and RV not much to give feedback on, almost 16% off MSRP sounds pretty good to me if that is correct. Let’s hope they didn’t make it up on an inflated MF.

Your calculator has incorrect info. MF does not match what you were told.

Can you post your signed contract? Remove any personal info and car VIN before doing so.

I have a feeling they did make it up on an inflated MF (.00170) but the tax credit of 4.75% and overall monthly payments are within what I wanted. How does the higher MF hurt me? If I got a lower MF and less tax credits, is that better? Or a lesser discount on MSRP? Just curious.

Ok, let me do that now.

You shoot for both actual MF, Credits and rebates.

I don’t think a dealer can give you a “credit” for state taxes… that would be illegal. The taxes need to be paid.

(.00170) 4.08% -> (.00160) 3.84%

Post the actual lease deal