2020 Genesis G90 New Body

2020 Genesis G90 3.3T Adriatic Blue with Black interior
Monthly Payment: $899+Tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1900
Annual Mileage:7,500 per year
Region: South, Florida

Not enough details, where is the MSRP? RV and MF?

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Does it really matter? I doubt anyone is interested in a G90 for over $1k/mo.


Wow a $900 Hyundai

Wow… is this like $60,000+ sedan?

The 3.3T is $70K.

Wow. Really?

It comes fully loaded, so there are no options.

The 5.0 is even more expensive.

It’s considered an S-Class competitor.

I wouldn’t pay half that for the car, my comment was to help everyone get a better picture of the offer.

I hate tools like you and @vinny. If you think the product is inferior to its competitors, that can be made a logical argument. If its too much money compared to its competitors, its a good argument too. But just you have to rain down on a product because of the badge is shitty

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To be fair, we haven’t really seen any 2020 Genesis car deals posted to the forum, so this is at least a good data point. Unfortunately, we only have previous MY deals to compare it to.

But at this price point, Genesis are going to continue to have a hard time selling cars. Quite honestly, I’d have a hard time justifying anything over $300-400/mo to go back to Genesis again.

are you seriously suggesting that a product produced to compete with a S-class/7-series should be cheaper than an E-class/50series?

Edited my post to note that I’d have a hard time paying it to lease another Genesis car. So that’s just based on my previous experience.

I don’t really care who they’re produced to compete with. I don’t set expectations based on Hyundai’s goals or business objectives

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I’ve seen BMW 750s for that payment

Most airplanes have multiple classes of service, because some consumers view arriving at the correct destination as the entire product.

I love the last part of your comment.

Just wait until there is the $12,000 lease incentive and then lease to purchase for less than 55K, all in.
I currently have a leased (2017) G90 and will make it a purchase next week as the lease has just matured. Love the car and really do not need to compare…

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That’s a beautiful car. However, like others, I question the relative value of the vehicle when it will cost almost $1k/month when FL sales tax is included for a 36/7.5K lease with $2k DAS. For that amount of money per money, miles per month, and DAS, there are A LOT of other cars available. Don’t think the G90 is a “deal” at this price, but that’s just my opinion.

Only if I knew this post is gonna be so controversial!!
Best numbers you could see on previous body were in $760s+tax and that was including the whopping rebates Genesis had on it.
I don’t see a point getting into childish arguements of is Lexus a Toyota, Lincoln a Ford, Cadilac a GMC, Lamborghini and Audi a WV, or Genesis a Hyundai!
Genesis has it’s own niche market, and apparently has 83% loyal returning customers, that love the 10 Years, 100,000 miles Powertrain Warranty.
3 Yr, 36,000 miles Complimentary Maintenance including brakes, including service valet bringing loaner to your house and take your car to service…
All that said, they will have harder times pushing units with the new programs they rolled out…

The bright side, there’s definitely a market for this car, and every comment bumps your offer to the top of the message list. :slight_smile: