2020 F150 XLT Lease (Good or Bad?)

Hello all,
I am looking into leasing a 2020 F150 XLT SuperCrew with a 3.5 ecoboost, black appearance package, and a few other options. I would appreciate it if anyone would look at my quote and give any opinions.
No money down, was told I’m getting dealer invoice price. Thank you all in advance

57k msrp and payments that high?

that looks really really really bad

I wasn’t able to see where the difference in price from Initial, and adjusted Cap cost came from.

I was having a feeling something wasn’t right. I’m glad I found this forum. Can someone please tell me how to go in to this dealership and ask some questions to fix this?

Get a tundra for less than half of that payment


I did the build your own on the Ford website so I could have the options, color etc. that I want. I wanted to lease to see if I’ll like it, with the option to keep it at the end.

You could get 2 Tundras for that much. Start by getting the RV, MF and incentives from Edmund’s. Put the numbers in the LH calculator to see how to get to where you want to be. Dont go to the dealership. Work through email or phone. Try contacting a couple of dealerships.

what was the difference in lease vs. finance payment on the Ford.com calculator? if they have any special financing, like 0 percent for 72 months where you live, that should give you very close payments and you wouldn’t even have to lease… but like others have mentioned, if you’re not dead-set on an F-150, a Tundra makes a lot more sense payment-wise

:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: get a tundra… sheesh, do you guys ever ask anyone if they are shopping payment or car, some people don’t want a truck that has technology stuck in 2008.

@Saved_One pm and I’ll send you good info.

Going in to the dealership isn’t the solution.

Head over to the f150 lease forum in Edmunds and get MF/RV/incentives for the trim you’re looking at in your zip code. You can use those numbers and some reasonable expectations of what pre-incentive discounts to figure out pricing. Once you have extensively researched that, approach a few dealers over email to work out a deal.

Going to the dealer is for test driving to figure out what vehicle you want and for taking delivery after you’ve already worked out the deal.

Oh come on, don’t be ridiculous…

The tundra isn’t nearly that modern


I love the F150, especially the 3.5 eco boost. Unfortunately I have to go back in the dealership at some point, It’s the dealership (across the street from my house) I’ve been going to for the last 3 years for service with my car. I’ve had nothing but awesome service experiences, and built a bit of friendship with a few people there. That’s why I thought I would give them a shot at giving me some numbers for this truck I would like to get. I can’t tell you all how disappointed I feel right now. I thought the guys there were good and honest (I’m sure many of them are). I think it’s going to be really awkward when I go there again. At the same time, I feel like calling them out on what they’re trying to do to me, and probably a lot of others… I would love to go in there and actually be able to say “what about this, and what about that” and see the answers I get. I’m really big on telling people about great places, and also about terrible places. If anyone can give me some questions to ask, I would appreciate it, because I AM going back.

I bought my f150 back in 2017, almost exactly the same options. I was out the door paying $4,000 (in Maryland you have to pay sales tax on the purchase price up front) and I have a $350 PM payment on a 36/12k ford credit lease. I’m about to do it all over again in a couple of months.

if you’re that loyal to your local dealer, then do like others said and research the money factor, residual value, and any possible leasing incentives… then go back armed with that information and see if they return your loyalty… if they cannot or will not match base money factor for your credit tier, look elsewhere

maybe even calculate a fair lease payment yourself (with LH calculator) so you know how the math should work out… we’re here to help people not get screwed, but it’s up to you to heed our advice

you could also go an extra mile and get a competing dealer’s quote (after doing your research), and pit them against each other

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You need quotes from at least 4 or 5 more dealers, I wouldn’t consider keeping the ecoboost after the lease, they don’t seem very durable.

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To all who’ve responded to this so far… Thank you, I really appreciate your responses. I’m going to try the suggestions of getting numbers from Edmunds, and reaching out to other dealers also. I’ll be curious to see if they will try to match any better offers I will be getting.

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Is there by chance a link to how to use the lease calculator?

That sounds like an awesome deal on a Lariot