2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat Wideboy

Alright so just got a breakdown from a dealer in Virginia

2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody

MSRP : $76,269
Selling Price: $73,218
No Incentives
Monthly Payment : $775.76
Drive Off : $5,200 (Total NY Tax, 1st Payment, Fees)
MF: .00017
Residual: 64%
Months: 36 Month
Annual Mileage: 12,000

gotta get at invoice or below invoice, I would wait and see what new incentives roll around in may. Pretty tough to get a good deal right now, mf and residual are awesome but the difference between msrp and invoice is so small that it’s gonna kill any deal.

Good deal right now is 5% below invoice or basically all of their holdback.

I’ll remind you from the hc forum that you don’t want to do 5k das… roll taxes in.

I wanted to roll taxes in but the rep told me bc i’m in NY they want taxes upfront. Not sure how accurate that is…

that probably would be true. In that case you are stuck paying it. Didn’t see the ny tag mb.

I think 5% under invoice shaves off another 3-5k and close to $100 off your payment. So you are probably looking at mid/high 6s or low 7s.

My only question is that when i plug these numbers into the calculator i get a lower monthly. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

$2100 gas guzzler tax has to come out of the msrp.

Also here is a post from somebody who knows NY taxes

Yeah thats why i want to roll the taxes in especially during this time $5200 das is deep and a month later something happens im shit out of luck. But seems like i have no option if i want the car.

Have you shopped this anywhere else? I would roll the taxes in without hesitation. Send this offer around to every dealer and ask them to beat it…i got a few that played ball in the buffalo area.

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Thank you i will do that and see what i come up with. I’ll keep you posted

how much were you getting off msrp? seems like 7-8k is the max most dealers showed me before giving a take it or leave it ultimatum.

Ouch not cheap these days. Have you considered a non widebody, probably could get a better discount.

yeah in that post I screenshotted ap says you can roll taxes into payment. Jd says you can roll them in too. They deal with ny taxes so you should have no problem rolling in like they said.

There is no non-widebody. 2020 charger hellcats are widebody only.

Bah I forgot about that.

totally worth the 4-5k bump in base price. 305s all around. Traction is much better.

So far I called 11 or 12 dealers none of them want to do out of state leases

welcome to fca dealers, worst in the business.

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Regardless of what you do make SURE that your quote is all inclusive and includes every single fee, etc. I learned the hard way that that Virginia dealers pretend that the destination charge is a separate fee that’s not already included in the window sticker. They quote you low prices and then add the destination fee back into the deal after you agree to everything else. It’s really annoying and slimy.


oh so you dealt with koons. :rofl: they love to play games with online prices.

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Wow we have none near us that is crazy because I have two solid contacts at local dealers that would play ball. I see that Koons has 2019’s…are you opposed to buying? Maybe tell them to take a few grand more off and buy one. I been eyeing a few 2018 srt Durango’s just collecting dust.