2020 CPO MB GLC300 - prepaid maintenance and extended warranty

Hi guys, hoping for some help since I just got my first mercedes - a CPO MB 2020 GLC300. I am financing.

Basically, Finance guy sold me 3 years prepaid maintenance for $3650 and extended warranty for $4895. Total for the two packages is $8545.

I don’t mind paying for these packages because I plan to keep the car for at least 5 years but anyone experienced with Mercedes to know if these are reasonable prices?

Thanks in advance for your help!

That pre paid maintenance plan is a ripoff. It won’t cost nearly that much to service a GLC over 3 years. When it comes time for service, look at your local MB dealers websites, they sometimes have specials on Service A and Service B (alternates every year or 10k miles) or take it to a local shop.


This is way overpriced. You don’t have. To buy these the same time you sign for the car so you should shop around. Just for reference, I was quoted $700 for a 40k Service B.


You signed, so it’s a moot point. Enjoy your GLC300!

Maybe read this thread full-of-tips before your next visit to the finance office

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Thanks, was definitely a dummy but I do believe I can cancel both these plans. I’ll be more informative next time! Was just tired of being at the dealership all day and not thinking straight in the finance office.

I’ve never spent all day at a dealer. If that’s what it took to get into the finance office then that should have been your clue that things weren’t good.


That was entirely the point of wearing you out.


These things can be negotiated. That is where they start, but you can get them down.

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Way overpriced. Most of the MB services consist of an oil change and not much more of value I bought a $100 Mightyvac to change my GLC300 oil and it takes all of 10 mins to do with no mess and the filter sits right on top. You don’t have to be mechanically inclined to do it.

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You should be able to dump these two expensive additions.
There is a time frame when you can change your mind on those.

There are plenty of cheaper warranty options and out of pocket hour maintenance will be cheaper

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Financing told me the PPM was non-refundable, but since I am in CA I believe I have 60 days to get a refund as long as I give them written notice.

Will definitely dump these plans and shop around. Appreciate it!

The cost is $1280 for 3 years and $1760 for 4 years.


Cancel both of those and find a solid independent mechanic for routine maintenance and non-warranty repairs.

If you happen to be in the San Diego area, I can recommend Steve’s Beemer & Benz.

They took great care of a previous vehicle (E500) for several years. I recently got a CPO M550, and when the first service is due that’s exactly where it’s going.

He also sold that E500 for me on a consignment basis, and he got a great price for it (even after his cut).

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how long is the extended warranty? you have 4 years factory so you are really only getting warranty for after that period. 5k seems pricy for that

Even that’s too expensive if it’s just a glorified oil change and brake fluid flush.

Agreed. Ended up going to an indy. BTW, $100 of the quoted amount is for wiper blades. :joy:

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2 years extended warranty which kicks in after the CPO warranty ends

I’m in the OC area. Is there any problem with the warranty if you go the independent mechanic route? Thanks for the rec! Might be a bit far from me but still useful to know

I saw SoCal and took a stab.

You don’t have to have the car serviced at a dealer to preserve your warranty.

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