2020 Corvette C8 pics, El Camino Chevrolet

Here are a few pics I took during the Corvette reveal today at El Camino Chevrolet in Monterey Park. This was a Z51 3LT. Price was estimated to be in mid $80s. The pictures don’t do this car nearly justice. The car is absolutely stunning. Enjoy!


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Beautiful car, can’t wait to see one in person.

Looks great. On the interior pic it says “place key in transmitter pocket to start your vehicle”

You need to insert the key somewhere and can’t leave it in your pocket?

And I got excited for a second when I read your post I thought they were making an El Camino version of the vette!


Tupperware Party School of Design™, a la Civic Type R.

Thanks for posting these in person pics! That car is awesome.

Probably the battery in the key fob was dead. You could leave the key in your pocket since the C6.

I figured as much that is why I was surprised.

Ventilated seats (aka flatulence distribution system)?

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Eww. Looks filthy already.


I thought the same until I zoomed in, the picture just makes the seats look dirty


Once a dual clutch goes in, I think I found my Mid Engine car! It’s been a while since I had one with over 260 HP!

How were the materials inside?

I thought this car comes standard with a DCT?

Could they make that steering wheel any more square? :smile:


So. Many. Buttons.

But I love it anyway.

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An American masterpiece after a very long time but I cant’ deny the fact that those wheels are inspired off the NSX. Still amazing looking car and for the price ! insane… Thanks for the share OP !

Can’t wait to see this in person. Stunning.

I don’t know how you can mention those two cars in the same sentence. The Type R looks like a car my 3 year old would design. The Vette is beautiful.


Gas Absorption Ducting. Things to note in the event that we get to a point where they have Loaners (Fart Cars)

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Realistically, this won’t be hackable until 2021 or 2022, correct?