2020 CLA C 35 AMG MSRP $53000 lease

Hello all!

Went yesterday to test drive the new CLA 35 which I was able to do, but the car and all the models with MBUX premium 1 package have recalls and cannot be sold at this time until they’re fixed which they anticipate 1 week or 2 for repair.

I want to be ready when the car is ready for sale.

I’m upside down on my current Car loan by $5000 (got it appraised) And want to trade in for the Mercedes C 35 and am willing to pay the $5000 negative that I have. I cannot put anything Additional towards the C 35 lease, but want to know how should I approach the sale.

I’m looking for 36 months, 15K miles. 6.5% tax in my county here in Florida. How low can I get payments?

*This model car just came out for 2020’ so I’m sure can’t probably talk dealer down to invoice.

Please give me some advice so I know how to deal when the car is ready for sale.


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First thing you need to do is get purchase quotes from carvana, shift, and vroom and see how upside down you really are.

I suspect you’re going to find that a cla35 lease immediately after the stop sale, with $5k in negative equity is going to be extremely expensive. If a dealer came back at $800/ mo, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

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Why don’t you first read and understand how leases are calculated?

This is your second consecutive thread where you’re asking people to feed you what the payments should be

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If I pay the negative equity then there would be none for them t even worry about, correct?

This is my second thread, but this time I’m paying $5K (eliminating the - equity which I wasn’t in the first post) at time of sign and its a different car I’m referring to, hence the new discussion.

Should I just rely on the lease calculator numbers or can you tell me how you would approach this car situation? I just want to know how to best negotiate this first gen car model. Forget the part about the monthly payment amount…

Which thread is best for that?

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Leasing 101 article and How to Calculate Payments


Do you have the numbers to fill in the calculator?

Aren’t both the CLA and the -35 models all new for 2020? At this time of year, I imagine that you’re not going to be getting much off at all. There are no threads on here about either of those specific models, either. Regular A-Classes were going for insanely high monthlies when they first came out, so I can’t even imagine what a -35 might go for.

Are there any brokers in your area? They might be able to give you a better idea of what’s possible.

I personally would just drive your current car for about 8 months or so, if possible, and then wait to see what kind of deals you can get in the 2nd half of the year.

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I just have the MSRP. There were two models, one was $48K and the other $53K.

Yes, both CLA are new for 2020.

I looked for brokers in my area but couldn’t find any. Would like to find one through.

Thanks for the advice someone told me best deals are Labor Day and Christmas but didn’t want to wait that long. In addition my car will have a lot more miles on it by that time driving the value Of it down even more. At least I feel that’s what would happen.

The other thread was about a BMW. But I wasn’t putting any money down and I was asking what would be the ideal payment for it with me rolling over negative equity of $5K.

Read the two articles I mentioned above so you can learn how to properly use the calculator

You are not getting a deal on this car discount will be more minimal if any.

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Thank you.

Most i was getting was 10.2% but still overpriced :joy:

You got 10% off on a 2020?

Honestly OP it sounds like you have no business leasing a $53k car. Save your money and get something that reflects your low status ($18-23k range).

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Was wondering the same

What are you basing this assertion on?

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