2020 Chevy Bolt Premier Purchase Deal Check

Hi all,

Can you please let me know if this a good deal for purchase on a 2020 Bolt Premier?

This is North California where the inventory is low in Feb.

I know Bolts are selling well…

But the dealer is only giving you a 3 percent discount.

Can’t they do better than that ?

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Moving to off-ramp, as this isn’t a lease.

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I can check. But I am not very certain going by the response that I getting from dealers about my enquiries.

Are you seriously going to pay Model 3 money for this? Keep shopping.

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He gets the car less Federal and state and Electric Utility credits/rebates. last I looked those rebates were worth more than $13k. May also get a Costco rebate

So his ~$38k vehicle really costs around $25k.

A Model 3 supposedly goes for $35k but trying to find that Model 3stripper unit is very hard. The Model 3 prices that you can find are probably in the $45-50k range.

The Bolt therefore costs around $32-37k after rebates.

You sure the price doesnt include rebates?

I believe that the OP’s original post listed Chevrolet rebates but not federal/state/and Utility credits

Never heard that one before…walk in, order it at the store, walk out. Anyway, my point was this Bolt is too close in price to the TM3…so close that it’s not worth it. At this price might as well look at Niro and Kona evs.

Yes, the $1850 fed credit is missing.

Would definitely ask for a 5k discount (hoping to get 3k)

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What is a Costco rebate on Bolt?

  1. absolutely dreadful deal
  2. pre-incentive is way too low
  3. incentives start at 8500 if you have a pulse, plus loyalty/conquest/bonus certs/etc
  4. in what alternate universe would you buy one of these new? Vs lease or slightly used after the depreciation hit.

It still doesn’t fill the depreciation sink hole in this, it’s 4th year of production with the slightest of refresh.

Suggestion: go to the bank, get 200 benjamin franklins, and light them on fire. At least the waste heat will keep you warm for a couple minutes.


Sorry, I believe that has was a previous promotion and has now expired

Aren’t all EV’s like that. They depreciate like crazy. Makes more sense to lease them or to buy them used.

Here’s a much better idea, lease one like poster ElectricEliminator did… He got his for less than $20/month when you take all the credits/discounts in.


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That’d be fantastic if OP was in Northern NJ and not Northern CA.

I appreciate the comments. But I am not sure if anybody giving opinions here are shopping in the Northern CA area. Basically it’s very low inventory, so all those crazy deals that people got elsewhere are not possible here.

It’s probably low inventory everywhere, but since you’re purchasing you should expand your search to central and southern CA as well. Perhaps even a different state such as Nevada or Oregon since you’re in Northern CA. Try not to limit yourself to a localized area.


Within 100 miles of me in New Jersey there are 20 model year 2020 Bolt LTs on Cargurus. I know it’s at least really 19, probably less because mine is still listed as available. Inventory doesn’t have to make it impossible if you are persistent and patient.

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