2020 Cadillac XT5, lease advice (good deal?)

Please help me see if this is a good deal:
2020 XT5 Premium Luxury FWD (Loaner car, already got 3,000 miles on it)
MSRP: $54,040
Sales price before rebate: $47,665
Rebate: $2,275
Final Price: 44,940
39 months
Mileage: 15,000 miles/year (excluding the current mileage)
Monthly payment: $490
Cash: 2,500 (drive-off)

They are giving me tax credits too otherwise I would have had to pay full tax (Texas).
They haven’t listed MF and RV on the quote but when I asked they said MF is 0.00083 (Edmunds shows 0.00025) and RV is 53%.
I have to decide pretty quick so please advise

Below is a link to the calculator, not a exact match but that is what I can get close to numbers above:

Run as fast as you can

Seriously? Can you tell me why? I knew it might not be a great deal but never thought it is that bad!

How bad do you want an XT5 over competitors like the X3 or XC60?

Like them all, I kinda like X3 and maybe XC60 better, but can’t get a deal for them even close to this deal in Texas given that I need 15k miles per year. is XT5 not a good car?

Did you check out these X3 deals? July Texas BMWs: X3M TAX CREDITS! 228 and M235 tax credits, and so much more! Please ask about specific cars!

Sorry, not familiar with the Texas market but it does appear that it’s not a bad deal considering the mileage as well as the tax credit. Sounds like you need to figure out that MF and see if they’ll drop down to buy rate if they’ve jacked it up.

Did Edmunds list any incentives?

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The MF that the dealer is giving me is 0.00083 but in Edmunds is 0.00025. The incentives in Edmunds is what the dealer is giving me ($2,275). To be honest, I was thinking I have done a good job so far but not sure now after I posted it here.

It looks like you’re at 11.8% discount pre-incentives. But your lease is for 15k miles/yr and you’re getting tax credits. Dealer may be trying to make something back with a marked up MF.

We don’t see many Caddies on LH much less from TX. A lot of folks are used to seeing 15%+ off loaners/demos, but those do not include the American makes. I think there’s an article on LH that says loaner/demo deals on domestic makes are not strong. at least you’re not getting dinged by TX taxes :grin: GLWT!

Edit: I agree with the previous post - go talk to @IAC or @Bacons_C.C


+1 for IAC and Bacon. Both are awesome brokers, I’ve shot people over to them before as a forum member, and never heard complaints.


No offense, but first this didn’t seem like a great deal. It was probably ok, but I wouldn’t pay $550/month for this car. If this was the best deal you could get, then I would consider financing instead. And second, the urgency in your message was a clear red flag.

I’m negotiating a deal for brand new CX-9 GT currently. I have an offer of $462/month on 36/10k lease (Texas). You’ll have to pay 15 cents per each mile over 10k. It puts you at $525. And there are no tax credits, and it’s a brand new car. This car is better than xt5 in almost every aspect you can think of.

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As someone that had a cx-9 gt for a few years, I can tell you that it’s a miserable pile of crap. Nothing made me happier than the day that carvana gave me a quote within a couple hundred dollars of the buy out and I could dump it.


As someone that had a cx-9 gt for a few years, I can tell you that it’s a miserable pile of crap. Nothing made me happier than the day that carvana gave me a quote within a couple hundred dollars of the buy out and I could dump it.

Could you elaborate please? I have been renting this car for over a month and I absolutely loved it. There are no similar cars in this price range with stop & go, 360 camera, ventilated seats, remote start, CarPlay and HUD.

Btw, I rented XT5 Premium Luxury too for couple of days and wasn’t impressed at all. This 50k car didn’t even have adaptive cruise control. The only thing I liked about it was ventilated seats and HD camera with parking assistant.

First and foremost, it isn’t a 3 row suv. It’s a 2 row suv with two useless obstructions in the rear mislabeled as “seats”. Its a cx5 with a little more storage space. The space it does have is pretty useless because of the floor height and shape of the rear.

The infotainment system is absolutely miserable. Multi-minute start up times aren’t uncommon. You think it has a backup camera, but if you are the type that likes to do something silly like sit in the car, turn it on, and immediately back up, you’ll find you only have a backup camera some of the time.

Interior materials look good on the showroom floor. Whomever thought piano black center console trim was a good idea should be taken out back and shot. Gets scratched to all hell in no time.

We had a wonderful this noise from the rear suspension unsettling anytime you quickly lifted off the throttle. Never was able to get that one diagnosed.

Rumor has it the paint is actually stuck to the surface but with how easily the paint chipped, you’d never know.

Oh, and the bumper liked to crack at stress concentrations

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Would you mind sharing how much the MSRP for the CX9 is, so we can have a better comparison here? Besides I guess you didn’t notice my offer is for 15k miles/year but yours is 10K so a quick math shows the offer you got is worse than this, isn’t it? It’s interesting you are comparing Mazda with Cadillac! No offense, My current lease is actually a 2017 Mazda CX-5 GT with premium package and I liked it but I can’t compare it with luxury brands.


Thanks for advice, I’ll reach out to them

He’s crazy. The cx9 is a competitor here, possibly not even price wise, not feature, luxury, or experience wise. Does Mazda even offer loaner vehicles consistently? I know Mazda is trying to be upscale, but you’re joking right?

No not really, adjust residual value in your lease calculation, buying miles at a per mile cost rarely makes sense, in the exception of rare cases of higher end cars (mostly i8s and the like iirc).

MSRP for CX-9 is $42695, but actual selling price after discounts is very close to xt5. The fact that xt5 has high MSRP doesn’t make it a luxury car. As I mentioned you’ll pay 15 cents per each mile over 10k. It is equivalent to $525/month on a 36/15k lease

That’s not how that works when you’re going to a 15k lease at inceptions.