2020 BMW X5 M50i. First Post. What do you guys think?


I’ll be much nicer than everyone else that will come after me.

Please provide us with:
Which car this is?
What is the RV?
What is the MF?
Where is this located?


Those damn kidneys keep getting pricier and pricier


All this: year make model? Did you verify residual/MF/incentives with Edmunds? Calculator link?

And welcome. A little more reading/engagement might give a better sense of how good your deal is.


What’s the money factor on those kidneys?

You getting em through China or Japan? :joy:

soon you can sell and buy one)

Sorry for not enough info.
Which car this is? 2020 X5 m50i
What is the RV? 58%
What is the MF? 0.000128
Where is this located? Huntsville, Alabama

This is what I was quoted in November. Vehicle came in this weekend and I wanted to make sure I’m not making a bad choice, which base on the comments, seems as though I don’t need to

Your base MF is 0.00137 this month. Check the other current numbers from Edmunds.

I’ve checked Edmunds and noticed the numbers have changed and I communicated this with them and they told me they would honor the better numbers. Not sure how but that is what was relayed to me

Sounds like you ordered this vehicle, which means that you should get the incentives/MF that were valid when you placed the order, or now, whichever are more favorable.

With that said, regardless of how Jan numbers compare to Nov, a $4,000 dealer discount on a $94,000 BMW is really, really weak.


Hopefully your last one too.

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Thanks for the feedback. Any recommendations? I am meeting with them later today to get the numbers right.

thanks btw

I just randomly chose a BMW broker listing in Marketplace, which revealed that 12% off MSRP on pretty much any new BMW is easily attainable in the market.

Perhaps browsing a few more of those ads would suggest a more ideal target, but my 10 seconds of work says that you should be able to at least get to $93,445 * 0.12 = $11,213 discount (before incentives).

No, you are meeting with them today to sign the contract and take delivery, whether that’s ultimately your intention or not at this point. I’d strongly suggest having them send over the numbers via email first before going there for anything. I’d also inform them that while waiting for the car to arrive that another dealership contacted you with a much better quote on a similarly priced in stock unit that you are considering taking instead. My understanding is that custom order cars aren’t a lock for 12% off, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be trying to push for it. Is this a particularly interesting or unique custom build or something like that? If so, It could work in your favor because I doubt that they would want to get stuck with it.

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Thanks again for all the advice. So if I can get 12% off the MSRP or close to it plus the $3250 in rebates, then the deal will be better? Anything else?
I will email them in a few and see where we can get to.

If you order a vehicle and then want to renegotiate, the dealer is going to tell you to pound sand and that car will be become available to everyone else.


And dealers are the scumbags. Dealer will tell OP to buy that car, its not like they don’t hear this everyday. Especially harder to do with an M50 since inventory is not where near as bountiful as a 40i and OP is in Alabama.


Dang, guess I will check with them and see what comes out of this. The good thing is I am not on the hook for anything so if the deal does not go through then someone else can have the vehicle.
What about the down payment? I have been seeing about 5k or so.

that damn $698 doc fee, so stupid.

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