2020 BMW X3 versus Toyota Hybrid limited


Hi . Toyota wants 572 monthly WITH 2700 up front fees for a 39899 MSRP so I went to BMW because for that price I can buy a BMW.
sure enough BMW X3 2020 xDR30i wants 589 a month plus DMV for a 49985 MSRP

Thoughts on what to do? I Like both cars. Have owned the RAV4 for about 20 years

I assume you are talking about RAV4 hybrid limited. For the BMW go for 2019 which has good incentives. For RAV4 you can have a highlander and a tacoma combined for that price if you go with a good broker here.

thanks the guy told me all 2019’s are out–Im in New York

There are more 19 than 20 X3s right now.
Go to another dealer.

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And then you searched for yourself and discovered that the salesman was lying?

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I would look into an RX350. It will be in the same range.

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Here is Acura MDX pricing…it will be about 100 less per month, for an MDX Tech AWD.

2020? or 2019 for the lexus?

2019/2020 for Acura, 2019 for Lexus.

I would have but I liked the navigation cockpit touch screen which is only in the 2020

ok -thanks–so what should I look to expect per month for the Lexus…never been to them

I would try mid/high 500s for a well loaded RX350 (it will be in mid-high 50s msrp).

ok will do thanks —so you like this car better than the BMX x3 well equipped?

I prefer Lexus due to its reliability, build quality, and solid resale value. Their interiors are really luxurious. The V6 is smooth and sounds really good in comparison to BMW’s 4 cylinder. Their money factor is usually virtually 0%. Also they may have conquest, plus loyalty discount.

Bigger problem with the rx350 is it feels 10 years old. They’re quality but they’re super dated

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The BMW’S 4 cylinder sounds like a crawler from Call of Duty zombies - "mohl mohl mohl mwuua":joy:. Those who played this game will understand ahah

10 years old? This car looks way sexier and newer than anything in its class. It’s also one of the cars that has an actually nice dashboard with easy to view gauges, and not that redish ugly nonsense from BMW🤮

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The wide screen is the only modern thing in there. Took my wife to look at one 3 months ago and was incredibly disappointed at how dated it felt.


I think everything looks super modern. The buttons, design, features, are all up to date. The powertrain is reliable, silky, and refined. The 8 speed is also very nice.

If I wanted the BMW X3 2020—what % discount should I look for —this one was around 9% discount @589