2020 BMW M550i xDrive (NorCal) - $672.68/month + tax. DAS $6750k ($1500 + MSD $5250)

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW M550i xDrive
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

MSRP: $83,095
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $672.68
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided):

Current mileage: ~4,500
Maturity mileage: 30,130
Effective miles per month: ~883
Maturity date: 06/01/2023

MSD due (if any): $5,250
Cash due (if any): $1,500
Incentive for new lessee (if any):

Financial institution: BMW Financial Services
Transfer fee: $500 + tax
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Yes

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details:
Car is in great condition and the family loves it. I just need something with more hauling and towing capability. Please note that BMWFS transfers may take longer than usual (4-8 weeks).

- Bluestone Metallic exterior, Cognac Dakota leather interior
- Driving Assistance Plus
- Parking Assistance Pkg
- Executive Package
- 20" M-wheel 668M

Link to listing on SAL:

Please DM / PM if there are questions or if you’d like to discuss further. Thank you!



Great deal on a nice car, love how the color pops even in low sunlight.

Great deal and a great build

Should go quick

I’m just here for the pictures. Bluestone/Cognac with those wheels is amazing.

Thank you everyone for your generous comments! I’m starting to second guess the decision to list it… LOL

Post the original deal

PM’d you a pic of the original deal… thank you! :slight_smile:

Is this the same one that’s been listed on Swapalease for a couple of months now? Same build, MSRP, and payment. Used to be $8,250 from what I remember ($5250 MSD + $3k DAS). Very nice car - surprised it hasn’t moved yet.

Good eye! :wink: yeah, had a lot of tire kickers on SAL. Plus the usual serious buyers that didn’t qualify :frowning:
And east coast folks asking me to “eat” the transportation costs… :thinking::-1:
When someone said it was like the Wild West, it really is! Lol


Beautiful car

Thank you. Updated post with the link to the SAL listing

Stage 2 in progress. Will update if it falls through.

PM a mod to re-open, if needed.