2020 BMW M340i MSRP discount

I have searched the forums and seen people say to try and get anywhere from 10% to 18% off of MSRP before incentives. I’m looking at new not loaner. What’s a good starting point to start negotiating? Should I first ask whats the best price they can do off of MSRP? Let them give me a number first?

I’m in the south region New Orleans area and we only have one BMW dealer. The other two are about an hour away. So there is not a lot of competition or options to choose from.

Depends on region. NEW and good region 10 to 12 before incentives. Some have received slightly more.

NEW and smaller region seems to be 8ish

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I have not seen 18% off MSRP pre-incentives even on a loaner M340i. Aim for at least 10% off on a new model. Where are you located? Also take a look at some of the broker deals for a point of reference.

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These are like the two most posted about questions on this forum. You have not searched if you have not found the answers.

The best discount is the best one that you can achieve. If you’re only willing to go an hour away for the car, I guess it’s the best discount that those 3 dealers can offer.

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There is no shortage of recent M340 comps. Keep reading.

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Located in New Orleans. I have Florida driver’s license so I’m also checking there too.

That’s a tough market. I am sure you are aware of the $799+ dealer fees and marked up MF with FL dealers.
You might be better off working with a broker. For about $500, it will save you a lot of time and headache.

Good luck.

Neither your home address nor the state that issued your drivers license are constraints for where you can lease a car.

Thats is true, but I do not want to put too many miles driving either or pay too much money on shipping. I did have someone tell me that I have to register a vehicle where it is garaged. Which I know that is not the case because all my vehicles are registered out of state. Lousiana has higher sales tax compared to Florida.

Tread lightly. That sounds a lot like tax evasion and potentially insurance fraud.

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I’ll own up to saying this, and it is true. There are also registration rules in addition to tax rules for keeping a car in a state. As @trism said, there are legal issues, so you have to register it where the car is garaged, which is what I mentioned when you reached out to @iac.

Oh I see. I do have Florida residency since I own my primary residence there.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is where you will be keeping the car. You can have residency in California but keep a car in Illinois, and it must be registered in Illinois. As for “residency,” it depends on a lot of things. The biggest factor is usually how many days you spend in a specific state, but it can also go to size of your house, social life, things like doctors, etc. There are a lot of variables, and you don’t want to test the system if you’re toeing the line.


Ahh okay I see, I understand and thank you clarifying.