2020 BMW M340i 590$/month lease deal Nor-cal

Hi guys, been following this forum for quite some time now! Met brokers, dealers and leasehackr members who have been very helpful to me. After months of researching and negotiating for a leased car, I finally cracked one out. I started my interest with an S5 but found out does not lease so well and decided to go for the s4 which was relatively the same compared to others. So I tried its competitor brands! MB c43 and BMW M4 but then I found out about the BMW m340i and took it for a spin where I fell inlove instantly. So here is my current deal so far. Not unicorn friendly or not the best out there but I think I’m satisfied with what I got.

2020 BMW M340i 64780 MSRP.
11.8% before rebates at 56246

10,000 miles per year
Residual 61%
MF 0.00145
MSD: 7
MF after MSD at: 0.00110
8.5 sales tax
Tax incentive 1,500 (Conquest and lease cash only) :frowning:

Option 1: DAS of 7 MSD (4,250) Only.
Monthly at: 606 or 658 taxed

Option 2:DAS of 7 MSD 4,250 with Fees and 1st month ( 2,213)
Monthly at 544 or 590 taxed.

Region: Nor-cal
Leasehackr score of 9.2 years.

What do you guys think, I’m planning to sign tomorrow and take this baby home!! :smiley:

Was originally 11% and took an extra 500 off making it into 11.8% discount because I said I’d take the tomorrow if he can shave off additional 500$.


Walk, see if they counter. If not, there’s always other 340is and other dealerships out there. Are there 2019’s available or are all of those exclusively 330s?

If you’re not a cheapskate like me and you’re comfortable with the price, go for it.

This is the latest and great from BMW for the 3 series… M340i is 2020 and is going up against the S4 and C43.

Great discount in the Market in Cali. Brand new car on the market. OP Take it and enjoy it.


Hey great discount! Hit up like 40 dealerships in the N.Y./NJ/CT/PA area last month and best I got was 10.2%. Can you sign up and go to this event before taking delivery? https://udesf.eventsbmw.com/
You get 1K OL Code. Event starts on the 27th of July. You have to show up, sign in and then they email you the code.

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Great call!! At the Cow Palace. It’s 500 from BMW and 500 from dealer, so min they could get 500, but maybe play dumb and get all 1000 from the dealer.

OP registration is open so sign up for any of the events those days.

Shouldn’t incentives be more than 1500 if it’s both conquest and lease incentive? I thought lease incentive alone was like 1500, conquest might be another $1k

If the UDE doesn’t work out, might take a gamble and wait for the BMW M Drive thing to come to a local dealer, should be going through CA right now.

Re the UDE discount, they’re probably only going to give you the 500 from BMW since the dealer discount is already pretty strong. Still though, $500 is $500

With the new programs for July, MF dropped, but also the lease support form $750 to $500. So he will have $500 lease support, and $1000 conquest for the California Market.

From what people are saying, the M drive is not producing OL codes, so OP needs to go to the City Event.

Amen to that… shot… $50 is $50… we are all cheap on here :slight_smile:

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Ahh just read the fine print on the BMW website. That’s a bummer, $500 lease incentive is super low

I second this. I spent a lot of effort in the PA area, and the best I came up with was 10.5% before incentives.
And my OL code did not work because it said 2018 and 2019 vehicles.

I get so confused by luxury car lines now. I used to know what an M3, S4, and CTS-V were. Now they have V-sports, M-sports, M340i, S-line, C46214812468 AMG.

I’m behind the times.


Had no issue applying the OL code from UDE event in N.J. for my deal.

Was yours a custom order? Or an in-stock vehicle?
Maybe the reason for the OL rejection for me was the custom order while the code was supposedly for in-stock vehicles?
I’m not 100% sure and neither was the sales manager at the dealership.

In the end, while it was disappointing, I just wanted to be done with the deal, and the MF had just moved in my favor, so I signed the paperwork.

Tried other dealerships they’d match the 11% but marked up thr MF to 0.00175.

Thank you! Excited to do so.

Will try to do so! That extra cash will forsure bring down some numbers!

Yeah I did a custom build but then decided to take an in stock car that was pretty close (just had the stupid run flat summer tires instead of regular summer tires) that’s probably why. I went in assuming they’d only honor 500 of the code but they honored the full 1K.

I’m going to have to swap tires anyways after a few track days!

Wait you got a 10.2% off AND a full 1K on the OL code?
That’s awesome!
I guess it makes sense that my deal was worse then since I did a custom order.

11% off a new model top of the line 3 series is pretty dam good for this time of the year


Would have been better if I had loyalty and OL code tho!

Yeah got lucky really didn’t think it was going to work out! Only piece that didn’t work out was lowest price with options I wanted was in NY so wasn’t able to MSDs.