2020 BMW I3 MF bug in leasehackr calculator?

I’m trying to figure out if my deal is better off doing OnePay plus the Acquisition Fee waiver. It seems like the leasehackr calculator is spitting out the wrong MF when both these options are checked:

Base MF: 0.00082
Acq Fee Waiver: +0.0005
OnePay: -0.0003

Actual Result: 0.00102
Calculator Result: 0.00052

Is this a bug?

It’s been noted. You one paying an i3?

Yes I am! At least, looking into it.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW i3 REX, Tech Package, Giga World, Moonroof
MSRP: $54945
Selling Price: $49290 (incl. $500 OL code)
Monthly Payment: $119
Drive-Off Amount: $6969 (MSDs, $3K down, tax, title, acq fee, etc.)
Months: 30
Annual Mileage: 10000
MF: 0.00047 (0.00082 buy-rate less MSDs)
Residual: 59%
Incentives: $7500 Lease Credit, $3000 Loyalty, $1000 i3 Lease-to-Lease credit
Region: SoCal
Leasehackr Score: 24.1
Notes: $2K below invoice before incentives, $3K down payment for SCE and CVRP rebates, all inception taxes, fees, and acq. fee paid up front. 7 MSDs

Leasehackr Calculator Link:

I was tweaking this deal a bit more and looks like adding $530 down will bring the unit MSD to the next lower tier. The drive-off would only increase by $200, since the increased down is offset by the lower MSDs paid up front. Monthly payment would also decrease to $99.94.

You’re going to pay $530 additional down just to avoid parking $350 in essentially a savings account for 3 years and getting it back?

That is one way to look at it. I never really looked at it as paying $530 outright, and considered it more like paying $200. This was how I looked at the pros and cons:


  • Reduce my monthly to sub-$100
  • Save $27 over the 2.5 years of the lease (big whoop :rofl:)


  • Pay an extra $200 upfront

To be fair, I have put money down in past leases to bring the MSDs down, but that amounted to $150 additional down. And in that case I actually reduced my drive off by $192. I think I see the differences now.

Your DAS goes up by $530 but your MSD goes down by $350 so you “feel like” it’s only a $200 DAS increase?

It looks like it, but just an FYI - if you play with the MF and bring it up to 0.00132 to get the correct MF after the one-pay and the fee waiver, you’ll see the one-pay is actually more than it would be without the waiver. Unless your discount is a good 20%+ on a car, it’s usually more expensive to waive the fee and take the higher MF.

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Is the i3 lease to lease credit in December or November? Currently have an i3 and lease is up soon. Trying to get into another one. Thanks.

December, as I took delivery this month. From what I understand, BMWFS allocates each dealer a number of these $1000 credits based on their sales numbers. It’s very possible dealers dont have any at all while others have a lot.

Thanks a lot. That explains why the dealer I’m talking to said no to that.