2020 BMW 740i - $93k MSRP - $598/mo + tax - $6k DAS - No MSD - 33mo / 29k miles left - SoCal

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW 740i
Location: Los Angeles, CA

MSRP: $92,995
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $598.xx (due on the 26th of each month)
Effective monthly payment: With the $6k DAS, the effective payment is approx. $780+tax

Current mileage: ~4,900
Maturity mileage: 33,815
Effective miles per month: ~875
Maturity date: 10/27/2023

MSD due (if any): None
Cash due (if any): $6,000
Incentive for new lessee (if any): n/a

Financial institution: BMW Financial Services
Transfer fee: $500+tax (approx. $548) (paid by buyer)
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Yes, but buyer to arrange for shipping/logistics

Vehicle condition, options, and other details: Putting our 2020 740i up for transfer after only a few months of use to make room for a recent car purchase. This is a wonderful car and I’m sad to let it go after only 1k miles of use, but it’s barely being driven and we don’t need a third car. The car is nicely loaded with Premium Package, Cold Weather Package, Nappa Leather, Ventilated Seats, and upgraded 19" wheels. It was originally a courtesy loaner with 3,815 miles, so you can have a total of 33,815 miles at the end of the lease. The car has ceramic tints on it ($400) - 15% rear windshield, 20% rear windows, 30% front windows. I’ve looked around to see what a fair down payment would be, and I think $6k is more than fair. This is the cheapest payment for a 740i transfer on Swapalease and on this forum (the only cheaper one is my parents’ silver 740i, which is also on Swapalease and is pending transfer with a $7500 down payment). There are two other 740i’s listed on Swapalease with higher payments and higher down payment asks. The effective payment on this car is $780 before tax ($6k/33 payments = $181 + $599 payment). Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Link to my original deal: Signed 2020 BMW 740i Loaner - $93k MSRP - 28% off - 36/10 - $598+tax - $0 DAS - NO MSDs - Shipping Included

Swapalease Ad: 2020 BMW 7 Series lease in Los Angeles, CA

Photos (When I took delivery a few months ago):

Photos (The last week or so):


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Nice, if someone takes you up on this, it’ll be a $6K profit from your original deal: Signed 2020 BMW 740i Loaner - $93k MSRP - 28% off - 36/10 - $598+tax - $0 DAS - NO MSDs - Shipping Included


Hah! Not sure I’d call it profit - took me about 2 weeks of solid work and negotiating to get this deal. Plus I’ve spent ~$3k on it so far with payments, insurance, reg, tints, details, etc. Hopefully it saves someone from having to deal with the headaches of a dealer though :rofl:

I remember the original deal. The most surprising thing was dealer paid for shipping cost.

With the cash due it is definitely less appealing than the lease deal itself was. But I agree with what OP said. Anyway if there is no profit why would he want to spend time and money to get two 7 series?

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Some don’t like when people use LH resources for free and then turn around and make a quick buck, so I just wanted to make sure full information was out there. Good luck with the transfer!


Thanks, @jananth1. Of course, I totally agree. I’ll update my post with a link to my original deal to be 100% transparent. For the record though, I don’t just use LH resources for free - I’ve given back 10-fold on this car alone by answering no less than 40 PM’s asking for help to negotiate deals on similar cars or other cars. Some have actually successfully used my tips to sign leases and they’ve shared their success with me. Ultimately though, it won’t make sense for me to just let my car go for free when the market value is clearly way higher. On that note, I’m happy to work with a serious LH member if they’d like to move forward with a transfer. Cheers!


I don’t see anything wrong with making a few bucks. It takes a lot of searching, working, and stressing to finesse a unicorn-ish deals like this.


If nothing else, this should go quick on SAL. :slight_smile: GLWT!


If only there was a website that taught people how to avoid the “headaches of a dealer” out there.



Touché (to your comment, not the link lol).

Lol only my opinion, but you worked out a great deal and you can ask whatever you want for it - it only needs one buyer to say yes. Though hopefully it doesn’t take you long to find a qualified buyer… too many tire kickers out there. And lowball offers lol


He’s not reinventing the wheel @jananth1, this lease and list for transfer for profit is quite common among people here, most common I have seen so far was the m3/m4 cs, and the lt1 camaro’s will be next imo.

Given current climate I would imagine it would be hard to accomplish this deal even at $780 pre tax.

Residuals are down, lease cash isn’t there, and to top off inventory is tight and dealers are acting correspondingly.

Anyone with basic knowledge of this site could check @bluzbra post history.


Lease transfer is pending to a Swapalease buyer and is in Stage 2 as of today. Thanks everyone (almost) for the positive comments. Wish this could have gone to a fellow LH member. Maybe next time. Mods, please kindly close the thread.


Common wisdom: as soon as you get a luxury car, prepare to lose your shirt, give up your first born. Bluzbra: hold my beer. Leasehackr opened my eyes. Congrats!