2020 BMW 330i M Sport

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW 330i M Sport
MSRP: $48,745
Cap Cost: $43900
Monthly Payment: $600
Drive-Off Amount: $600 First Payment
Annual Mileage:10K
MF: 0.00149
Residual: $28,760
Region: Arizona

Wait for inventory to get better and get an m340 for close to that payment.

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Welcome. LHackers love 330is, you will find lots of deal comps to review here. Take a look at what a good deal looks like. You have a few rough spots in your deal:

  1. Your MF is high for a BMW. Is the dealer marking up your money factor?
  2. A good deal on a BMW usually comes with $2,000 loyalty incentive OR $ $1,000 conquest incentive. Do you qualify? Nice to see the $750 in lease cash.
  3. Your pre-incentive discount is 9.9% - not bad in this dealers market. Have you negotiated a higher discount with your dealer and met resistance? What pre-incentive discount are you targeting? (Note assume cap cost = pre-incentive selling price, correct me if I am wrong)

Here is a good SoCal 330i deal you should review (more incentives than you have).

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Yes, they’re definitely marking up the MF. No, I don’t qualify for the 2k incentive. So I think the only think I can really negotiate is the cap cost, and the MF.

Try to get $1,000 conquest. Someone in your household needs to have a current registered car that counts towards conquest. A Honda counts, for example.

A little nit - you don’t negotiate cap cost. Cap cost is a calculation: Selling price + Acq fee + Capitalized Fees/Taxes/Other Items - rolled in Rebates/Incentives - cap reduction = Adjusted Cap Cost. Technically, Selling Price (or Agreed Upon Value in your lease contract) = Gross Capitalized Cost. Semantics I guess.

With BMW you negotiate a pre-incentive selling price. That’s how people on here refer to it.

How is this even possible? I thought BMW capped dealers marking up MF by only 0.0004?

I believe max markup on MF for this month is 0.00139 . That being said AZ dealers are notorious for mark ups. @Carlos_Gonzalez Im local in AZ as well and have a m340 for swap similar payment. Let me know if your interested

Possibly not tier 1 credit plus markup to get to .00149

Is the MF the same for leasing and buying?