2020 Audi Q5 Premium Plus - Good deal?


Hi there - I was just presented with this deal over the weekend for a Q5 lease for 36 months, 12k miles.


MSRP: $51,300
Selling Price; $47,199
Rebate: $750
Total Savings + Rebate: $4,891
Doc Fee: $243
Document: $599
Residual Value: 28,237
Total Due at Signing: $2,750
Monthly Payment $569.47 includes CT tax of 6.35%

very bad deal… selling price is way too high. Q7 selling price is cheaper than 47K…

Thank you. That’s what I thought, i’m in the learning process though

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the only rebates on the Q5 is that 750 new programs today or tomorrow.

I signed this a few weeks ago for context…

Not sure what part of the country you are in, you can probably go lower. I am in the Northwest where deals are hard to come by. That said, I was able to shop it around and lock in what I could. This is definitely way better than what I started at.

SIGNED - 2020 Q5 Premium+

MSRP: $51,500
Selling Price: $44,250 ($1,250 of incentives included)
MF: .00073
Audi Care
Residual is 57%
$990 out of pocket (1st month and title fees)

I can help you out with this, I’m about $45k for that model not including any incentives

Decent price.
How about selling price for Q7 around 62k MSRP?

Hello, can anyone assist me with the MF, residual, and lease loyalty credits available now in zip code 07728?

Edmunds is the best resource for that info. We don’t have access to it all here.

Thank you. Do you know where in Edmunds I can find that info?

I just did a simple google search and this came up: https://forums.edmunds.com/. You can browse by forum (as shown below).

You will need to create an account to post questions, but that is where you will get all the info regarding MR, RV and incentives.

Thank you! On there now…

Easiest option is to google search for “edmunds 2020 audi q5 lease”

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Edmunds gave me the following for zip code 06082 based on 36/12k
.00058 MF, 55% residual and $1,250 lease cash if that helps

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Plug in your numbers into the LH calculator and post it here for folks to review.

Question for you guys. Is it ever a good idea to simply send an email to the car salesman asking to reply with a quote and show me the MSRP, Sales price, manufacturer incentives, dealer incentives, MF, and residual amount?

Sure… but only AFTER you already know what they should all be.

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I have got below deal. Is it good?

5.5K down
12K Miles
36 months
MSRP -53,000

5.5k down LOLOLOL.



Not even remotely.