2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio


Is this a good deal?

2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio AWD
MSRP - $49,045
Payment - $500/month
Terms - 36 month/10K
DAS - 1st month + DMV
Sign and Drive
All taxes/fees rolled into payment.

Let me know what you guys think.


What’s the sales price, incentives, mf + residual? Nobody can tell you with monthly payment alone.

With no loyalty, its pretty good, but maybe could be better.

Did you apply for the $500 true car rebate?

That payment is $100 too high. Take a look at their inventory in car gurus. Find out the age of the unit and use it as leverage. These cars aren’t selling.

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Thanks about the true car rebate…but I still don’t see how you think you can get into a $49,000.00 suv with no money down for $400.00. You’re negotiating skills must be way over my head.

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I walked away from $389 sign and drive on a $49k AR last year.

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It’s doable. All I have to say, may have to be a 2019, but it’s doable.

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He had loyalty and that was a 2019.

I have no loyalty and mine is a 2020…much better infotainment system in a 2020.

Hershey said it was doable, that’s how it’s doable.

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Right Hershey wins. BTW, I used to work at 14 E Chocolate Ave so I have some Hershey powers too.

It’s also a good reference point if one is looking at a 2020 just cause. In this case, with a better infotainment system, there’s a good reason to go with the 2020.

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2020s (Giulia and Stelvio) also have revised suspension, revised steering, new center console, new steering wheel, standard FCW/AEB and laminated windows. Along with updated optional ADAS.


Mine are sweeter, theater nerd?

/s, all in jest, nice to see another herco scrub.

I was in the corporate office, the theater was just another meeting room during the day. Also, I got to go on the real factory tour, and taste the kit kat and reeses right off the line.

Ahh, so you were Ave. level. Well just so you know, people call the area Hershey soft. I’ll let you figure out why.

I’m guessing you’ve moved onto greener pastures, or you’re working the southern region? That’s besides the point.

Off topic, no more bickering and digs, I promise I won’t bring up the golf course, that’s a sore spot :wink:.

Somebody got a 2019 for 450 a few weeks ago! Not a wise move?

Now I’m confused. This True Car rebate says it is valid towards “purchases only”. Does this mean the $500.00 cannot be applied to a lease? Please let me know. Thanks.

Was quoted 565 for a 2019@ 42k I walked away. Find me one under 500!