2020 Acura MDX tech and down pymt question

3 or 4 and this last one she told she was “all in”.

You have a tenacious spirit - I am rooting for you.

Let me give you something to mull over. @jrod78 gave you really good guidance: 12% pre-incentive at the loyal buy rate of 0.00215 and $2,000 loyalty. This is a good/great deal template.

How far off are you from your goal? $878 (6303-5425). The difference between 12% and 10.3% pre-incentive. You deserve 0.00215 and every dealer should give you $2,000.

So now it comes down to the value of your time. Working a deal takes time and effort. You can do better than 10.3%. But 10.3% is not bad - some would say it’s good in this market. Keep pushing if you want 12%.

But in today’s market, dealers do NOT want your business IF you want an aggressive deal. Dealers want buyers/lessees that are willing to pay up for “a luxury dealership experience”. You are cursed with a dealer friendly market.

Here is what I would do if I had a free afternoon. I would call 2 dealers that have the exact MDX I want on their lot. I would tell the dealer I am interested in Stock #123456. I want a 36/10K lease. My offer is $37,950 (12% pre-incentive + $8250) at the loyal MF of 0.00215 plus $2,000 loyalty and 10K rollover miles. If you like what she says, you have a deal. If not, thank them for their time and call dealer #2. Repeat.

By the end of this afternoon I would have a deal - 12% or 10.3% or something in between.

If I had plans this afternoon, I would take the 10.3% deal and know that I could have saved $878 more if the market was more conducive to aggressive deals.

NOTE: Do NOT talk to Acura dealers about pre-incentive discount and dealer cash. Just calculate your offer price and keep it simple. Your offer price has built in a a great pre-incnentive and reflected all dealer cash so keep it simple.

Good luck.


This is excellent and appreciated soooo much.

Do not even get started on that!!! Stick to prose!!!
Ps nice deal @pollypocketz

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I notice you have increased the word count in your posts - 3x-4x increase. Maybe now you see the value of a little explanation over cryptic one sentence feedback. Noobs want to learn … and understand :slightly_smiling_face:


@pollypocketz If might be easier to call Acura brokers instead of dealers. Here are 2 good ones in the NY NJ PA (hopefully close enough to DC) area:


What does a broker do exactly? They just negotiate the deal?

Soup to nuts. When the broker is done they tell you where to go to pick up your car and sign the paperwork (or have the car delivered). You never talk to a dealer until the end to get your car. You pay a broker up to $500/$600 (depends on car, Acura should top out at 400/500).

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They take the angst you’re dealing with away from you. You’re paying for the convenience of course, but you also know you’re NOT getting taken to the cleaners :slight_smile:

Also saves you a whole lot of time. Good luck!

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Im sitting here biting my nails off, my face is broken out and I’ve stress eaten a box of my kids rice krispie treats. This is my 3rd lease. I never even bothered to research any of this on my prior two leases. I can only imagine how badly I probably got taken on those two. Im gonna contact a broker :blush:. This is crazy and I’m close to tears because I’ve always considered myself a reasonably intelligent person but this lease shit has me twisted. I cant believe it’s this complicated. Once I feel like Im starting to figure it out, I’m right back to square one.


You are at square 3. Take it one step at a time. You are really close. But, a broker can make it all go away.

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Since you have already put in so much work and have a good deal on the table I think there will be more satisfaction in taking it to the finish line yourself. Just calculator the payment amount at which this is a great deal. Reach out to a few of the others dealers and say if you can do XX I’ll be there an hour to sign.

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Why are you subjecting yourself to something you find like torture?

Buy the car, dig around that brands’ forums for the dealer who sells OEM extended warranty for just above cost and keep it for a while.

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Thanks everyone for your help with this. I got some great advice suggesting for me to relax and take a breath. I’ve got myself entirely too wound up about all of this :blush:. You guys are right about the broker, that was me being a brat just wanting to throw my hands up and have someone do everything for me.

My husband is pushing to go the buy route so all of this might have been for nothing anyways. He’s total anti-lease.

With the mdx, it’s often financially advantageous to lease it and then immediately buy out the lease due to significantly higher lease incentives


Interesting. This might sound stupid but if I communicate that to the dealer arent I kinda showing my hand that I would be financially able to pay the lease in full?

The dealer isn’t involved in buying out of the lease. You’d lease from them and then buy out the lease from Honda/Acura financial. You should be able to find some discussion on doing it here


As @mllcb42 Pointed out it only make sense on a few models where there were alot of lease incentives but had a high MF. The Stinger was one people were doing this on.

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How you buy it out is your personal decision and doesn’t need to be communicated during the lease discussions. You can pay cash or get a loan from a bank or CU, etc.