2019 Volvo XC90 36/15k Evaluation

Here’s the deal I’ve gotten on a Volvo XC90 Momentum AWD

MSRP: 62,930
Sale price after all incentives: 49,702
36 months, 15k miles
Gross cap: 50,986 after VA taxes
10 MSD = 6k
MF: .00062
RV: 56%
Loaner with 1500 miles
DAS: 6k + 1st month (will check on waiver for 1st payment)
Monthly: 541 WITH VA tax rolled in.

Thoughts? Opinions? Do I have any more room on this car?

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Putting 6K down is insane.

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Looks like it’s 6k in MSDs

That would make more sense.

Sorry should’ve clarified, it is 6k in MSD

What is the pre-incentive sales price?

I’ve asked for clarification on that but I have loyalty (1K) and there is 3k in lease cash from Volvo. I qualify for A plan and mentioned it but I don’t think they applied that

If that’s the only incentives being applied (did you double check RV/MF/incentives with Edmunds?), You’re at about 14% pre-incentive, which is a little low for a 19 loaner, but it is a low mileage loaner.

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Loyalty is $500. No a-plan on loaners.

Thanks for the clarification, they had told me 1k.

1k is for purchase, but if you know how to build 2019 on Volvo site, you can see it there.
The tax is around $2k on this sales price.
Your gross cap probably includes acq fee and $300 dealer fee. Buying in MD?

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In GA, but for use in VA and registration in VA. Taxes kill the monthly but still pretty decent

Then maybe lease loyalty is 1k in GA. Never seen it in VA/MD. I’d try for another $2-2.5k off

I’ll double check with them tomorrow and see what I can do on this. Since they have

@mllcb42 @Ursus

Breakdown of discount

$3k Lease cash, $500 loyalty (Ursus was right), $1k A Plan
$8700 dealer discount

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these two do not compute. Volvo doesn’t allow a-plan bonus on a vehicle negotiated past the a-plan set price.

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That’s what I thought too but that’s how he broke it down. On my S90, it was all volvo with A plan

Volvo changed their policy on this about 18 months ago. All the good S90 leases from 2017 were stacking a plan bonuses.

So best bet, just ask for more of a dealer discount?

Would you mind sharing dealership