2019 Volvo XC60 T6 AWD Momentum in NJ

Just signed.
2019 Volvo XC60 T6 Momentum AWD
Premium Package
Multimedia Package
Heated Rear Seats/ Heated Steering Wheel
20" Wheels

MSRP - $54,690
36 months/ 10,000mi/yr
All taxes/MV Fees/ Dealer Fees and Lease Fees rolled in
First Payment only Due at Signing. No MSD’s

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Enjoy the ride, my friend! Next time check on here first before signing. Does not look good even if you omitted to disclose the selling price.

Fun car though! Cheers…

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Don’t have the paperwork with me but I do remember the selling price was approximately $44,800. Cap cost with all fees and taxes was $47+
I did check here first and thought the deal compared well with what I saw. I am interested to know where you think there is room for improvement other than using MSD’s?

Having all the numbers will definitely help us gauge the deal. For instance, dealer discount and incentives, if that monthly payment includes tax etc.

I’m flying blind right now

Will check paperwork when I get home, but yes the payment included all sales tax, motor vehicle fees, lease fee, dealer fees etc. $515 DAS and 35 more payments of $515. I also remember the residual was 58% which was $31,720.

With the taxes and fees rolled in I don’t think this is too far behind what our brokers could have done.

I second that. With NJ taxes and fees rolled in, looks good. But why no MSDs – that’s the low hanging lease hacking fruit…


Would anyone mind chiming in on this deal I was just offered and offer any advise on where I could save and counter them

2019 XC60 T6 R-Design w/ Polestar & Air Suspension

15k Miles per year / 36 Months

$62,000 MSRP
Sale Price - 52,398
Residual - 53%
Factor - .00089
Acquisition - $995
Dealer Fee, Reg, Title - $872.95
Tax $1783.25

Picture of offer is below

Here are all the options

You need to find out what rebates/incentives are included in that discount to know how much negotiating is possible.

6500 rebate and I believe that’s it

You’re at 5% pre-incentive rebate. On a 19, you want to be targeting 10-12%, so you need to take another 3-4k off.

Doing MSDs will save you a bunch of money as well.

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Ok that’s what I figured, so I should be at $49,000 as the sale price correct?

Does everything else look ok? Residual percentage, etc??

I just started reading on the MSD, from what I understand it’s like cash in escrow correct?

49 would be a good price.

You’ll need to verify with Edmunds the mf/rv for your area.

MSDs are basically money in escrow to buy down the interest rate. Probably save you around $2k over the life of the lease.

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Appreciate the info, I have to give them a counter offer tomorrow. I really liked the car but I need to get a good deal. Thanks so much for the info

Yes you can @ddalfonso71 . Take a look at the Volvo spreadsheet for @Bostoncarconcierge.


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why don’t you just look at the pre-baked deal i have posted on the same exact car for $200 a month less?


and local to the tri-state…

haha imagine it was at one of the dealerships i use??

I believe I was looking at your deal page, or was led there by a link. Would you lower the sales price to 49k? Also what colors do you have available. Feel free to DM me