2019 Toyota Mirai one pay lease


Just picked this Mirai up from Santa Monica Toyota! Beautiful Nautical Blue.

Was originally gonna get it at another delaer, but they didn’t have any in stock and wanted more for different colors. SM Toyota beat the price and I got to pick any color I wanted as well.

Did a one-pay lease but pricing also includes $795 lease excessive wear and tear. The color I chose was also “equipped” with 1yr paint dent and protection which they just threw in; it’s a “$1290 value” on the contract.

Paid $5k with a credit card so I’ll be getting 2% or $100 from that as well haha.

**MSRP: $59,430.00
**Selling Price: $40,254.00
**Monthly Payment: $N/A
**Cash Due at Signing: $11,590.52

**Annual Mileage:12,000


**Leasehackr Score:17yrs before CVRP, 28.7 after. **

$11,590.52-$5,000 CVRP rebate= $6,590 net cost ($183/m). Also comes with a $15k hydrogen fuel card.

Loving the car and how loaded with goodies it is!

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That’s pretty amazing considering that the fuel is basically paid in full for the duration of the lease, and that CVRP rebate makes it an incredible deal, assuming you have reliable access to hydrogen!


Had no idea the CVRP rebate on a leased Mirai was $5k. That’s awesome! Nice job


Yup multiple stations near me!

TBH i was eyeing the Honda Clarity FCEV with the non-negotiable, 20k miles/yr lease but the Mirai deal is just too sweet to pass up! I’m actually quite impressed with the Mirai and aside from only having seating for 4, it’s a great car.

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Yup! All fcev’s like the Clartiy FCEV also gets the $5k rebate!


Numbers don’t add up. If the selling price was $40,254 and you had $795 ewu. With 10.25% tax the one pay would be $10,259.39


Maybe they added GAP?


Can’t add gap on one pay


To OP, did you get the Gap Insurance?


i been thinking about getting the Mirai too so i start checking out the station near me everyday(diamond bar) and it seem like its offline quite often, kinda scared to get it now.

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Probably have to add the “paint protection” ($1290) to get the numbers right. We just discussed the OTD price and they made the numbers works.


Gotcha so they stuck you with the adds.


I’m in DB. Good info to know!
Don’t forget the insurance…it’s stopping me from getting one.


A most annoying practice. Surely it can be canceled and get a check back for the amount.


Now we just have to find a selling price of $40,254 that the OP got without anything else, and we can be walking away with a Onepay of under $ 9500 !!!


They didn’t really stick me with anything. I just told them I wanted $11,600 one pay lease including tax and lease protection out the door. They just adjusted the number on their end to meet my numbers. I did not discuss the sale price with them. The color I chose just happened to have the paint protection “installed” so they lowered the selling price to account for the extra cost of the paint protection.


You could still decline sham products and cancel them.


Great deal nonetheless. Congrats!!


Wow, they pay you to drive this car considering the fuel card!

It is a shame about “paint protection”… but again just an amazing deal.


Which can still be removed and refunded.