2019 Toyota Mirai one pay lease

This is not typically the case with dealers from my experience. We all know that this add-on is just one of the tools dealer has to increase the price.

If this is an optional item why someone would keep it??? I doubt it is optional… they will charge you $2000 to remove it.

Paint protection isn’t a removable item as it’s “installed/applied”. Pure dealer profit

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Initial coating sure, but it usually entails some kind of protection plan that covers additional coatings or a warranty of sorts. Which can be rolled back after the fact.

This is not really a lease hacker way to let dealer charge you $1290 in junk fees unless they can give you a break somewhere else for a larger amount because of this.


If this is the case I would cancel this baby and get my $1300 back:) and update the numbers on this thread.

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This actually makes a lot of sense and I do not think the deal would happen without this add-on.

Nonsense: front end still loses money on the deal or gives up trunk cash for back end to make a buck in return. Classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

This crap usually boils down to how the managers pay plans are setup, so they work the numbers so it doesn’t count against their gross or wash it out with some backend, or take the loss wherever it doesn’t count against them


Paint protection may not be removable, but how about Wear and Tear ?
That will improve the Onepay considerably.
On a Chevy, I believe we had 30 days to cancel if we changed our minds.

Wear and tear was 100% optional. Would’ve reduced the price by $795 if we wanted to. Decided to go with it for peace of mind.

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Hmm heavily debating this vs e-golf.

I can speak from experience that the fueling stations are so unreliable that you should only do it if you consider your time free. A free car is great unless you have to get to work on time. Cars are nice but the fueling infrastructure is what will doom this technology.

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Unreliable as in they’re always out of fuel?

Out of fuel or just down for maintenance. The popular stations when open in the morning or evening can take 20/30 mins to get fuel due to the lines. Even then the compressor can’t keep up so you don’t even get a full tank.

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I’m really close the UCI station, If I were to get the car 99% of my re-fueling would be done at the UCI station, I’m assuming that one won’t have these issues because it’s gotta be like state of the art right?

UCI is pretty reliable. The Anaheim station goes up and down through the day as it’s soo busy there. They fill Anaheim 4 times a day.

I’ve been using La Canada station knock on wood so far it has been reliable.
Planning a trip to Lake Tahoe in the summer hopefully I won’t run into an issues i know harras ranch been reliable thus far.


I am looking for similar deal. Any recommdaion in NOCAL, who can replicate this. // Thanks

wow, good deal. except I searched for hydrogen stations in san diego. and there was only one. and it’s under construction.

Is this replicable? Might just go this route if so