2019 Toyota Camry SE Convenient package -$302 Inc Tax

Hi I got an offer that Toyata Camry SE with Convenient Package lease. MSRP $28,242

0 down
15,000mile /yr
Military rebate $500

---------------- $302 Inc Tax

Is that good deal?

yes. $1624 loser deal

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$0 down but is there anything due at signing?

Why would anyone spend this much on a barely-above-base Camry?

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It’s a pretty good Uber horse I guess. Not much more than that.

Because some people need a mid-size car with active safety features. I do agree that the lease should be $50 cheaper per month but for some reason Accord and Camry don’t lease well.

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Yea the Camry SE is a great car, but lease wise I wouldn’t pay anything more than $250 a month!

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A base Camry or Accord (and many others) satisfy that requirement. Besides, the OP didn’t say that.

So for 0 DAS and payment under $300 incl taxes, what’s the best sedan out there right now to get?

If you’ve been following the latest trend on 2018 BMW, A retired loaner can’t be beat in a monthly payment tax only state.

I haven’t actually but that sounds really good! How does one get their hands on one of those? Through dealerships or another route?

How much are your taxes?

I live in SoCal so they’re on the higher side

This is a good deal on a Camry, at 15k miles, in a high tax jurisdiction. Not sure why people are criticizing it. $250 Camry SE’s aren’t happening right now.

Not sure if you’re unintentionally being cryptic or just trying to be a smartass, but either way no one is going to help you like this.

Provide all relevant information upfront. If you don’t know what should be provided upfront, at least provide it when asked. Be precise and factual. A tax rate is a number. It is not an opinion.

Hi. That wasn’t my intention. I’m new to all of this and didn’t know what the exact rate was and the total figure breakdowns have always confused me, so I apologize. I did do a quick search before writing the vague “smartass” reply earlier, but found variations on different websites. Searched more right now, and it seems that it is 8.75% altogether. Figured the location would provide some relevance, but clearly I was wrong. Sorry for troubling you.

Tax rate in my area is 8.75%.

California taxes on a lease are not high, go to one of the states where they ding you for the whole purchase price, that’s high


Before taxes and DMV, your budget for the actual car is really around 260 ish.

Check out the Marketplace for SoCal deals (Toyota, Hyundai, VW, Subaru, etc).

They aren’t. Sales tax rates in the 8-10% are pretty normal. Plus, CA only charges on the monthly payment, not total value like some states. Overall, SoCal is the cheapest place in the country to lease a new car, even considering taxes and high registration costs.

$302 on a stripped Camry is a total joke. Less that it’s a bad deal for a Camry (probably isn’t), more that $300 can get you more car, especially in Los Angeles, the cheapest place in America to lease a car, bar none.


Wow. Never realized that. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Will continue doing more research. I’m a student right now and the max I can do is $300, so that is my limit. Camry is reliable and I plan on buying it out at the end of the lease term, hopefully by then I’ll be making more than I do now