2019 Toyota 4Runner Lease - $488/mo - $0 drive off



Thanks for the referral Hackrs! Introduced me to the man, the myth, the legend, Cody Carter at Tustin Toyota.

2019 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Premium 4x4
MSRP: $40,902
Selling Price: $39,550
Monthly Payment: $488
$0 Drive-off

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00175
Residual: 70%

Region: Southern California


3.5% discount from MSRP? :nauseated_face:

MSRP: $40,902
Selling Price: $39,550


Definitely a legend at his dealership with these kinda deals…


Yeah, I guess so but from what I’ve been told by the hackrs who referred me to Cody, his is the best deal there is in So Cal and he doesn’t budge on price. Other dealerships were quoting me lower sale price but monthly payments over $700/mo (all else being equal)


Unless you’ve got literal poop credit or a ton of negative equity, there’s no way you were getting a $700/mo quote for a lease with a lower sale price.


Not all cars are discounted like a former loaner bmw. I for one will say you got a wonderful deal, especially 4x4.


driveoffs charge against selling price. 40k vehicle can be around 1500 in driveoffs aka dealer discount since they weren’t paid by customer. the money doesn’t disappear.
good deal @Cody_Carter


Don’t bet on that. There’s plenty of add-ons they can pack in along with marking up MF.


My credit is 816. I’ve been told that 4Runners “don’t lease well” by several people, including the sales manager at Jaguar where I returned my last lease. And, no, she wasn’t trying to get me in a Land Rover. She was telling me about the great deal she got on her Wrangler lease and had also considered the 4Runner.


Thanks, I think so too


He did mention that the sale price was lower, so even if I assume it was only $1 lower. The money factor would need to be marked up to 0.00496 before it hits $700/mo with $0 down (without taxes that is)


I should also mention that other dealerships were quoting as low as 64% RV as well as a higher MF…

I’m just curious, actually, when another person who has recently leased the same car as me (and in SoCal) is going to pop up in this thread and tell me I got completely hosed on this deal.


OR…they added alot of BS add-ons, which isn’t uncommon.


Hey TheAvia7or, do you have experience with Toyota dealers in the greatest Los Angeles area?


I don’t unfortunately, I haven’t dealt with Toyota since I moved from North east Ohio (currently live in San Diego).


$38,506.77 sale price. Then rolled drive offs back to price for $0 DAS


Oh, so you just needed attention…


It seems you know something I don’t. Can you point me to a post on this forum who recently leased the same car in Los Angeles and got a materially better deal?


Thanks, Cody


No need for attention on my part. I was just pointing out that $700/mo+ for a 4Runner of the sale price you posted could only reach that amount with a very very high MF, negative equity or as mp11477 mentioned, many dealer add-ons.