2019 Toyota 4Runner Lease - $488/mo - $0 drive off


i tried to tell them bud :sweat_smile:

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But you know, there was that guy that leased a 330e for like 79 bucks a month in Texas, so this deal has to be bad!!

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I think that is a good deal on a 4runner, they don’t lease well and they sell extremely well. But for that reason I would have bought it. $17,568 for 30k miles of use. But have fun and get that thing off road


I’ve never owned or leased a 4Runner before so this is my “proof of concept” if you will. If I like it I intend to buy a used Taco or 4Runner to modify

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Just leased a 2019 TRD off road, thru US bank $425, 1st time I’ve ever leased, didn’t even bother negotiating, not sure it was even an option. I thought it was a great deal, guess I could maybe negotiate MSRP. Waterloo Iowa. $421 after my POS avalon with 333K 2001, 12K miles a year.


So your Avalon trade was worth 150 bucks? Lol