2019 TLX V-6 w/Tech..how is this deal?

Yes, that’s correct, except that I have to give only 2500 at signing, and my old car

I would say not good at all but I’m not too sure how Texas works I know leasing is terrible there, if your not stuck on the tlx I think you could get a new 2019 3 series or even an Alfa Romeo for that price, possibly even an Rdx, also I think the new es350 would be that much if not less your pretty much paying 491 / mo =19,161 for the total lease which is pretty much half the cars value before discounts, if you could throw up a calc link it would help

Residual is only 47%, and tax on the full capitalized cost is charged in TX. The Calculator here doesn’t have a way to accurately enter all the data.

Out of the 12k discount how much is incentives
And what is the selling price

And what exactly are other fees?

It’s impissible to know if your at a good deal w/o knowing the selling price

11600 is discount off MSRP of 42000 (including dealer add ons and fees). That seems like a really good discount for this car.

Take a look at this

If your getting an 11,000+ discount without any incentives that’s really good but I think there’s incentives built into that

I’m sure some of that is incentives. Why does that matter?

Because to get a good deal and to negotiate you need to negotiate the sales price down first, then add incentives otherwise for example if there’s 10k in incentives then your really only getting 1k off the msrp and you can do much better than that

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They won’t budge off that discount number

How many dealers have you tried

I have only one near me. They sent out email with the discount offer. I have shopped them before, but never seen more than 6500 off, so I thought this was a good deal

What I would personally do I call like 5-6 dealers and ask them sales price before any incentives added, figure out the incentives, negotiate sales price at least 10% before incentives with the dealer then add the incentives and see where your at, honestly maybe someone from Texas should chime in but here in NJ I called a dealer last week for the same tlx with tech and without any negotiating I was at 2000 DAS and 380 per month

What is DAS?

Edmunds lists the incentive for V6 tech at $8950.

See so your getting 2500 ish off sales which is like nothing (6%)

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Due at signing

Thanks. Doesn’t look so good anymore

Haha see look at this don’t know how car dealership is from you but take a look

That’s the 4 cylinder car which is about $4K less than the 6

Oh I see my bad yeah was wondering why the msrp is so low, I would suggest trying to get 4-5000 off msrp before the 9k incentives don’t know if it will be possible but worth a shot or you can always go back to this deal,