2019 Tesla Model X 100D Lease Transfer

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Tesla Model X 100D grey with cream interior
Location: Atlanta, GA

MSRP: $110,000
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $1,751.56
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided): $1,751.56

Current mileage: 10000
Maturity mileage: 30000
Effective miles per month: 769
Maturity date: 3/31/2022

MSD due (if any): $0
Cash due (if any): $0
Incentive for new lessee (if any): will likely cover transfer fee and transport costs

Financial institution: Tesla Financial
Transfer fee: depends on state
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): yes

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: excellent condition, minor curb rash on passenger side rims

Photos: yes, will provide upon request

Holy crap that is an obscene payment. You will not get any takers here I would try Swapalease.


Wow! That is a horrendously bad lease. @CapsCup2018 you beat me to it


That is like a 43% residual, and MSRP was after all the Model X price cuts.

$63,000 in payments to drive it for three years, it needs to do a lot more than get me from point A to B.


Approx $2.25 per mile for the remaining

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Tesla’s lease so bad I’d buy at that point.

Good luck, just won’t move here, I’m sure you will have to provide a nice incentive to try to move this car.

I just don’t get it. Yes they are crazy fast off the line but the interiors are crap especially for that kind of money.


A robotic arm pops out of the seat to get you to “C” too


It’s $110,000 that has no lease incentives and a ridiculous interest rate. The monthly payment isn’t really so surprising. What’s the buyout at the end of the lease?

It’s a Tesla lease… No option to buy it out as far as I’m aware.

" Purchase

Please review your lease agreement to see if you have the option to purchase your vehicle at the end of your lease. Model 3 is not eligible for purchase at any point in your lease agreement."

Ah, gotcha. Just the 3 currently than doesn’t have a buyout option.

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Dude. You could buy a 100D outright for the sum of these payments.

Let us know if and how you find someone to take this beast of your hands.

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i see so many of these on the street. Hard to believe so many are really paying this much to drive these things? Crazy.

Good luck to them when things go south.

I’d give as much as $60,000 for a clean, gently used example P/100D with 6 seats.

That being said, I wouldn’t touch a P/90D with a 10 foot pole. Way too many teething issues.

in CA you get federal and state tax credits, Also the X is so heavy you can write off 100% for your business.

*got, past tense. Tesla has used up their federal ev tax credit, and CVRP exempts cars with an MSRP over 60k. If you got one early enough (before MSRP dropped $30k) there was $7,500 and $2,500.

Regarding section 179:

Certain vehicles (with a gross vehicle weight rating above 6,000 lbs. but no more than 14,000 lbs.) qualify for deducting up to $25,000 if the vehicle is purchased and placed in service prior to December 31 and meets other conditions.

Per Wikipedia, Model X curb weights:

60D 5,072 lb (2,300 kg), 70D 5,072 lb (2,300 kg), 75D 5,140 lb (2,330 kg), 90D 5,271 lb (2,390 kg), P90D 5,381 lb (2,440 kg), 100D 5,421 lb (2,459 kg), P100D 5,531 lb (2,509 kg)

Even the P100D wasn’t heavy enough to qualify for accelerated depreciation, but a business owner could still write off the lease on their taxes (spend $1 to save $0.30).

That’s curb weight. Gross weight is over 6000 lbs.


Exactly this. Goes off of Gross Vehicle Weight Rating which is the max the body/chassis/power train can handle inclusive of fuel, passengers, cargo, fuel, etc.

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