2019 s60 t8 r-design

Please rate my deal that I am working on. It is for a 2019 S60 T8 R-Design (the hybrid).

MSRP $58600
Selling price $41,500 (29.2% off)

36/7.5, residual 52%, MF .00168.

$457 + Taxes and Fees ($420 with max MSDs) or $535 (or $495 with max MSDs) with $0 drive off. Taxes in a shitty state (Paid upfront on full sales price of vehicle). Leasehackr score 9.7yrs.

Calculator Link

Did you confirm the buy rate MF from Edmunds?

Yes they are offering the valid buy rate.

.00168 MF and 52% residual.

29% off and buy rate financing. What kind of deal do you think it is?

Just an OK with high MF, low RV and huge incentives.
Under 11% off before incentives - good, but not spectacular. Discount should probably be higher on 2019s.

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Most non hybrid 2019 models have much better MFs. If that’s the car you want… :man_shrugging:t2:

What level discounting should I aim for?

Offers I’ve gotten on T6 R design have been higher than T8s! For 2019s.

Probably 12-13%, but may not be doable on a T8 since it is rare. There is not much else you can do if you set on it.
What state? Tax on full price also kills it

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The cap cost is higher or the payment is higher?

State is VA. Any dealers you recommend? Think you got your S60 from a local?

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S60 and XC90, yes. I can recommend, but not sure they have T8. Also, I don’t think they will do any better that you got now

I am not Ursus but when I lived in NoVa everyone got from Don Beyer. I shopped at both locations but never leased a Volvo bc of the car tax. I almost had them ship me a V60 in July before I got my XC60.

I was looking at S60 T6 first but all the offers were terrible, equal or higher than the T8. Hence the switch.

Need Costco back!

Don Beyer had 4 stores when you were here. They sold Alexandria 1.5-2 years ago.


11% is strong, but I’d go to MD (Annapolis) to save $500 in dealers fee if you get the same discount.

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Alexandria never counted

Back to @razor

razorr said:

Requesting 36/7.5 for S60 T6/R-design, and T8 in Virginia . Thanks

the faceless voice of Edmunds replied >
T6: .00046 MF and 54% residual.
$4850 incentive

T8: .00168 MF and 52% residual
$10852 incentive

I would max MSDs either way. The RV and MF are much better on the T6 but have to do math on both to see what works out better. Are you cross shopping both models with the same dealer?

This is a MD dealer so Doc fees are 299

I tried squeezing them for another $1200 off, but they would but budge. I also do not have loyalty.

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Cross shopped same models across different dealers. Have not asked about T6 with this dealer.