2019 RAV4 XLE HYBRID AWD lease takeover - $356/mo, $2790 DAS

2019 Toyota RAV4 XLE Hybrid
Exterior: Silver Sky Metallic
Interior: Black fabric
Location: Brooklyn, NY

MSRP: $33,579.00
DAS: $3254.00 (taxes+fees+1st month payment)
Effective monthly payment: $356.56
Residual: $22,161.00

Current mileage: 2000
Maturity mileage: 30k
Effective miles per month: ~900
Maturity date: 5/24/2022

Financial institution: Toyota Financial
Transfer fee: $200.00
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Not sure?

Looking for someone to take over my new lease. Brand new 2019 Toyota RAV4 XLE Hybrid AWD. Silver Sky Metallic exterior with Black fabric interior. Monthly payment is $356.56 includes a $5000 damage waiver for when the car is returned to the dealership. Car is incredible on gas, rated for 40mpg combined. Car currently has about 2000 miles out of permitted 30k. Lease is due to expire on 5/24/2022 (31 months remaining for a total of $11,053.36). Only drove it for 2k miles in 5 months. Pretty much brand new. Original MSRP of $33,579.00. Residual value The new lease will be able to drive an average of 903 miles a month! Maintenance is included until the second year of the lease!

Car is loaded w/ 8" infotainment system supporting APPLE CARPLAY, SUNROOF, & Convenience package including heated front seats, dual climate control, power tailgate, etc. ALL WEATHER FLOOR MATS INCLUDED. New leasee only pays for the LEASE TRANSFER FEE of $200 & PRORATED DOWN PAYMENT of $2790 (negotiable).

GOOD CREDIT IS A MUST. You must qualify for the lease with Toyota. Message me if you have any questions!


I think this belongs in “Worst leases you’ve seen”, effective payment is misleading, you’re asking for a down payment


I don’t think the hybrids ever really leased well so this might actually not be all that bad. I’m sure there’s any amount of people (not LH’ers obviously) that are paying significantly more.

Just curious OP, but why do you want to get rid of it so soon?

It was my first time leasing. I didn’t think it was that bad.

I’m looking to lease a Tesla Model 3 instead. Made a quick decision and now have buyers remorse. Still a great car though.

Your effective payment by my math is $436/mo, that’s pretty terrible.

Maybe @Bostoncarconcierge can chime in on this.

Either way, GLWT!

I also can’t find your post about this deal, ie lease sheet etc :roll_eyes:

Yeah, I didn’t consult anyone before signing. Learning a lesson here.

You’re up against X3’s on this forum at that effective payment.

If you want to recoup upfront money, you’ll have better luck on SAL.


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There’s $430 all-in X3’s that aren’t stripper models to be had?

You’re gonna have an even bigger buyers remorse if you get a model 3, barely driving it, but paying twice as much.


If you don’t ask for DAS, this car will fly … Why should someone pay YOU back the original downpayment sir and an extra 200 to TFS for transfer.? Are you also selling etching and key insurance by any chance?


Since lease is only 5 months in, I don’t want to lose out on the original down. And you’re right. I shouldn’t ask for all of it back. I will update the post.

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Pay swapalease $300. You’ll get rid of this fast and likely get your down money back. People on this forum would likely rather get a gas model xle for $300/mo with just msds down. Hybrids aren’t worth the gas savings.

Swapalease has a completely different clientele then leasehackr.


Thanks for the advice! I’ll try there.

They also get the buyer approved and do the paperwork so it’s a very easy process. I’ve swapped 5 vehicles on there and they all sold within a week

No one needs to pay more than $100 to list on SAL

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It’s $100 for dealer ads, $500 for personal adds. They will drop the $500 to $300 though. How can you get $100 personals? That would be awesome

It’s not an ad. The OP would just be listing their car.